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Sometimes all you need is a break. Life can be tiring. May it be work, school or just life as a whole; everyone deserves that breath of fresh air away from the noise and pollution of a crowded city. Cebu, a province of the Philippines, has 167 beautiful islands that surround it. And one of those 167 islands is the perfect destination for your getaway. Bantayan Island is one of the hidden gems of Cebu province that attracts locals, domestic visitors and tourists. Located northwest of Cebu, west of Leyte and Bohol islands, Bantayan Island has three municipalities– Bantayan, Madridejos and Santa Fe. Madridejos is known for their fishing as a source of livelihood. While for Sante Fe, you can expect to see white sandy beaches that give you a glorious view of the sunrise. And Bantayan is known for the centuries old church and breathtaking view of the sunset.
Upon your arrival, it will take you less than a minute to let that peace and quiet sink into your system.
Welcome to paradise!

But what can we find in Bantayan Island that makes it worth travelling to?

Virgin Islandvirgin-island-bantayan-5057

Virgin Island – a small island in Bantayan with a white sandy beach, palm trees that move with the wind and clear waters perfect for those looking for an escape. The sunlight hits the right places and makes every spot an Instagram worthy picture. In addition to that, the coral reefs here are truly taken care of which makes it fit for snorkeling.

Fort of Kota Parkbantayan-island-22

Fort of Kota Park – bask in the beauty of a park that makes you appreciate a combination of manmade structures and nature. Fort of Kota Park is found in Madridejos where most visitors spend so much time in taking pictures.

Kota Beach Resortbantayan-island-25

Located in the middle of Santa Fe., popular for its different amenities and the perfect location to just move around. White sand shoreline that makes night walks by the beach a calming experience.

Anika Beach Resortbantayan-island-18

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Anika Beach Resort – not only is it a dreamy resort to be in but the family that owns it promote and practice environmental protection. Amenities that is perfect for both friends and family activities. And because it is close to the port, this is the easy go to resort for visitors.

Ogtong Cave

The crystal clear water makes you want to take a dip and get lost in the beauty of this place. A quiet and soothing place you can go to when you’re near the area and the summer heat is just getting too much.

Omagieca Mangrove Garden

The place where you can go to in order to fully appreciate the beauty of Mangroves. A short walk that would make you appreciate the simple wonders created by mother earth. Now this place is what you call eco-tourism!

Hilantagaan Islandbantayan-island-15

Water so clear you can see the sandy bottom of the sea. Most travelers just spend their time here swimming and taking pictures of the seascape that makes you lose track of time.

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish

And of course your trip would not be complete without a visit to one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The historical structure in Bantayan that makes it another reason why travelers can’t help but put this island on their bucket list. The perfectly crafted architecture and well preserved building would make you appreciate Philippine history.

What to do in Bantayan:

  • Go scuba diving! Get a closer look of the corals found on these beautiful waters.’
  • Scuba diving too heavy for your pocket? No worries! Go snorkeling instead for the price of 100 php per day! Yes, it’s that cheap!
  • The roads in Bantayan Island are not rough and bumpy which makes it perfect for bike rides. This would be perfect for friends and families, because they have a 3-wheeler bike service for only 15 php per person! Fun and exercise together!

Island Hopping at Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island

  • Go island hopping! Enjoy the beauty of the islands in one day.

30 pcs of cooked scallop only Php 35 (Believe it or not)

  • Of course one thing all of your friends and family would agree on, try their seafood! A must try is a very affordable “scallop”. Any restaurant would have this and you will surely enjoy it. Everything will taste delicious and fresh!
  • Looking to be adventurous and getting your blood rushing? You can go sky diving! For the price of 18,000 php per person, it includes 1 tandem skydive, photos, videos and a certificate.

Skydiving at Bantayan / Photo from

Where to Stay in Bantayan:

Click the image for more info about the accomodation.

How to get there:


  • 1Buy a ticket from any airline going to Cebu MIA. (Best to buy in times when it’s not peak season so you won’t have to pay extra)
  •  From there, you can find taxis that can drive you to the North Bus Terminal.


  • A Ceres bus going to Hagnaya Port or to the town of Bantayan will be found at the terminal.
  • And lastly, from there, take a ferry going to Sante Fe, Bantayan Island rr you can take a bus that bound for Bantayan.

Bus schedule to Bantayan Island from Cebu

Travel tips

  • Know the bus and ferry schedule ahead of time. This would help you save a lot of travel time and also helps you keep an eye on your schedule.
  • Charge your phones! Since you will be walking around and exploring the island a lot, you might not have time to recharge your phone if it dies. So have a full battery before leaving your resort, so you wouldn’t have to worry about missing a photo op.
  • Do not litter! This island has preserved its beauty up to this day because its locals respect it, so should you.What are you waiting for?! Paradise awaits you.

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