Bohol Travel Guide

Bohol Travel Guide

How to reach Bohol

You can travel to Bohol from Manila by plane. This is the fastest way to get there but you can also travel by sea vessels. If you are not from Manila and want to reach Bohol the fastest, there are fast ferries that take you from one island to the next. From Dumaguete there is a fast ferry that will take you directly to Bohol. The same when you are from Cebu or from Siquijor.

Tourist spots in Bohol

Bohol is proud of their tourism industry. There isn’t much industry or big business that thrives in Bohol and the people of Bohol primarily depend on their eco-tourism. They are blessed with a wonderful island that they were able to maintain well. You can go for a day tour and see these tourist spots with the help of a tour guide. Make sure you make prior agreement with your tour guide to meet up with you and give you a tour. It’s best to start early.

Here is the usual list of itineraries for the day tour.

The Blood Compact Site– This is not the original site for the 1565 blood compact between Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi but it’s just a few steps from the original site and there’s a monument detailing about this event. It’s a great place for picture-taking especially if you’re into Philippine history.


Photo by Roberto Verzo

Loboc Tarsiers- When you are in Bohol make sure you visit one of the havens of tarsiers. They are kept in small houses that are open for guests to see. Just be quiet and don’t use flash in taking photos as tarsiers are very sensitive and they can commit suicide when they get frightened or unhappy.

The man-made forest– You won’t feel like you’re in the Philippines when you pass by the man-made forest. It’s a long stretch of road that is filled with all those tall mahogany trees. It’s a great place for picture-taking and just to enjoy the cool air and the lushness of all those trees. These were actually planted to prevent erosion and later became a wonderful addition to their tourist attractions.

Chocolate Hills

Photo by: easegui

Chocolate Hills– Bohol trip will not be complete without a trip to see those Chocolate Hills. You’d be amazed at the wonders of nature at how these hills actually formed by the hundreds. AT the right time these hills are color brown thus the name chocolate hills but during the wet season it’s green. Make sure to be prepared for a long climb up.

Loboc River

Loboc River– Enjoy the delicious foods dining while cruising the Loboc River with songs and dances. It’s buffet-style meal and you can eat as much as you can and enjoy the ride. You’d surely feel like a welcomed tourist having a great time.

Prony– Prony is a python and it’s the largest python that is in captivity here in our country. It can eat a whole pig but it’s tamed so you can actually touch the large snake. The person entertaining the guests and talking about Prony is also quite entertaining. In this place you can also find wholesale priced goodies such as the peanut kisses that you can get at a rock-bottom price.

Hanging Bridge– You may also stop by for a few minutes at the hanging bridge for some picture-taking and if you want to buy goodies that they sell. Some are scared of crossing the hanging bridge because it’s made of bamboo but it’s actually quite safe.


Fun activities in Bohol

Bohol vacation is never complete without going to Panglao Island. This is like the quieter version of Boracay. Boracay is known for night parties while Panglao is a lot more relaxed and tourists enjoy peace and serenity in this island. It has beautiful white sandy beaches that you’ll absolutely love.

There are many fun activities in Panglao Island, Bohol especially because its water is rich in marine life. You can go swimming, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. You can rent a boat that will take you to Balikasag Island and there you would have to ride a small Bangka that will take you to the spot where tourists go snorkeling. You’d be amazed at the number of fish species they have there. The water can be quite shallow so make sure you’d be careful with your feet hitting the precious corals. The fish are not afraid of people and you can feed them with your hands. When you go further the water suddenly gets dark and you’d be greeted by bigger kinds of fishes that are also quite friendly.

Where to stay in Bohol?

Panglao, Bohol

Photo by : byron angeles

There are many resorts especially in Panglao and you surely wouldn’t find it hard to get a place to stay but it’s best to book for your room before you reach the place to be sure of getting the room you want especially during the peak season. Some prefer to get their accommodation a bit farther from the beach as the rate there are much cheaper as compared to the beachfront resorts but be prepared for some long walks especially during nighttime where there isn’t much light to light your path. It’s actually what makes the Bohol vacation a lot more fun and unique. You can also rent a motorcycle for a full day use at a small fee.

Do take note that prices of food served in Panglao beachfront are quite expensive but they are really delicious. If you don’t want to spend a lot on food make sure you find the accommodation that allows you to cook and buy your food from the market before reaching Panglao as it’s still about 25 minutes drive away.

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  • Issa

    I thought Bohol was overhyped before I finally got the chance to visit it last June.
    And what wonders I discovered! The Chocolate hills proved superb – these bizarre geological formations are a true marvel. We thought of skipping the firefly watching but we were so wrong. It proved mesmerizing. Like a dream. Lastly,I’d really suggest you visit Balicasag Island to snorkel or dive.

    I believe these memories are great to have when you are in your 50’s or 60’s.

  • wow sobrang ganda po ng bohol wish na makapunta po ako dyan,,.. sobrang ganda po talaga proud po talaga ako na pilipino po ako at naniniwala po talaga ako na its more fun in the philippines…..

  • Jade Matias

    Bohol has a Catholic deep rooted religion… Boholanons are mostly Catholics. And Catholic Churches in this island are mostly several centuries old… exuding and unfolding its deep faith in God, witnessing the long queue of Boholanon Catholics joining the Good Friday procession and the long line of santoses and karos in the street each fully adorned and lighted will stun you that in provinces, practices being made are more pronounced.. Not so many Catholics come and visit Bohol during Semana Santa.

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