Spelunking at Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves in Sagada

Sagada may have now become popular for the Mt. Kiltepan Sunrise due to the popular film, That Thing Called Tadhana, but the town certainly has a lot more to offer to its visitors.
A trip to Sagada will never be complete without experiencing extreme activities such as spelunking.

Sagada CAving

Spelunking, or caving, in Sagada is another must-try tourist activity and comes in two forms: short course caving at Sumaguing or Lumiang Cave  and cave connection.


What to Expect

SAgada CAving-2642

Lumiang Cave Entrance

Among all the caves included in the Sagada spelunking activity, Sumaguing Cave has the largest chamber of all, thus it is also nicknamed by the locals as the ‘Big Cave’.

SAgada CAving-2655

Lumiang Cave Coffins

Many parts of the cave have wooden coffins that have holes in them. Do not touch or take away the bones. Respect the place and enjoy the cave with your eyes.

SAgada CAving-2658

Inside Lumian Cave

There are some parts of the cave that will require visitors to go through very narrow openings (although these passages are not very long) so you have to make sure that you have the attitude for it.

SAgada CAving-2678

Sumaguing Cave can be accessed via a 2-hour short course caving activity.

SAgada CAving-2710
It is also possible to go to the Big Cave from Lumiang Cave in what is called the Cave Connection.

SAgada CAving-2743

This usually takes around 3 to 4 hours and costs 400php per head.The entrance of Lumiang Cave is very dark and comes stacked with wooden coffins that have been there for many years.

SAgada CAving-2756

Sumaguing Cave

The Cave Connection is a very challenging activity especially for those who are claustrophobic and are afraid of the dark.

SAgada CAving-2780

Entering the cave will require one to navigate through passages that go up and down. Harness and gears are not available so you will only have ropes and your arms and legs to help you find your way down the big rocks.

SAgada CAving-2775

Rock Formation inside Sumaguing Cave

It houses rock formations such as the King’s Curtain and the Porn Caves.

SAgada CAving-2759

“Pregnant woman” Rock formation

How to Go to Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves

SAgada CAving-2637

Sumaguing Cave Entrance

Both Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves are located fairly close to the Tourist Center. In fact, you can just walk to the Lumiang Cave for about 30 to 45 minutes.
Visitors can get their licensed tour guides to both caves via the Tourist Center. Those who wish to go spelunking can go as late as 4pm. However, if you are going to the caves during peak season, it is advised to go there as early as possible in order to avoid the crowds.


  • Wear comfortable clothes and exercise extra caution especially since some parts of the cave have slippery surfaces.
  • Treat your guides nicely as you might have to step on them once in awhile or ask them to take a photo. If possible, give them a tip!

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    i will be in sahara for one day,, what kind of activities can i do in sagada,, im interested in caves, rice field steps, hanging coffins, waterfalls

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