Coco Beach Island Resort, Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Coco Beach Island Resort, Puerto Galera, Mindoro

On an isolated 10-hectare property, the Coco Beach Resort was the brainchild of Danish-Italian, a furniture-buyer who frequently traveled to the Philippines. He fell in love with the site. It had all the necessary ingredients for a dream resort: white beach, tropical vegetation, crystal clear water swarming with fish and fabulous corals. In 1986, Coco Beach Island Resort came into being. To accenture the natural beauty of the surroundings, only traditional local materials were used in the construction and furnishing of the resort and to showcase the traditional warm hospitality of the islanders, a local family would be assigned to cater to the needs of the visitor.

The innovative idea of a service family catering to your needs, the possibility of discovering the environment and the Magyan tribes living in the countryside, and the daily transport service from Manila by the Coco Beach Express also add to its attraction. The resort is very much in demand during peak season.

The rooms are divided among several structures. The remarkable deluxe rooms and suites are housed in separate nipa bungalows scattered around a vast flower garden filled with bougainvillea and orchids. These are all tastefully furnished in an island motif and use natural materials. Giant clams that serve as a wash basins, shell lamps, white bamboo beds and a hammock on a balcony where you can relax while enjoying the view of the sea. The less spacious standard rooms are in a one-story structure not far from the sports grounds. The furnishings, although in the same style, are simpler. Except for standard rooms, all rooms have a view of the sea.

One of the most fascinating features of the resort is the family that is assigned to look after your comfort . They are in charge if the maintenance of the rooms and are usually at hand throughout your stay — discreet and assuring in their being helpful. You can even have 3 hours of free babysitting if you need this kind of service. Without any hotel training, these families offer Philippine hospitality at its best.

Dining is another attraction at the resort, since the number of restaurants available offer a wide variety of choices. For exclusive dining, do not miss the picturesque Dona Lina, a revolving nipa and bamboo restaurant, which emerges from the treetops. It offers a panoramic view of the sea and is particularly splendid at sunset. At the Carabao Restaurant, breakfast is served buffet-style. The food is good and the service is fast and dependable. This restaurant is actually moved around either to the beach or in the garden depending on theme dinners that are organized each night.

Boredom is unheard of in Coco Beach as there is a wide selection of recreational activities available: morning jogging, swimming in a playfully-designed and magnificently huge pool, daily excursions to different beaches, trekking for one or several days to discover the countryside.

How to get there

By land, sea and land, the Coco Beach Express opens departs daily from Manila at 6:30 am. Pick up points include several hotels in Makati and Manila. It connects with large Coco Beach bancas which leave Bauan Pier (near Batangas) 3 to 4 hours later. Arrival time at the resort is around noon. The Coco Beach Express departs from the resort daily at 7:30 am (extra service sometimes arranged on Sunday afternoons). Arrival time in Manila is around 1 pm.

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