Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales

Surfing is a natural sport and at Crystal Beach there is no artificial environment, just the all natural wave of the open sea. Enjoy the surfing season from July to November.

Main attraction

  • 300-Meter-Long private beach front
  • Lots of wide open spaces
  • More than 500 trees
  • Picture perfect sunsets
  • North and south swell surf
  • Clean south china sea
  • Sea turtle haven



Abednego 3 pax Php 3,000,00
Abraham Attic 2 pax Php 2,000.00
Job 5 pax Php 5,000.00
Luke 4 pax Php 4,000.00
Malachi 1 2 pax Php 2,000.00
Malachi 2 2 pax Php 2,000.00
Malachi 3 2 pax Php 2,000.00
Matthew 1 4 pax Php 4,000.00
Matthew 2 4 pax Php 4,000.00
Naomi 1 2 pax Php 2,000.00
Naomi 2 2 pax Php 2,000.00
Timothy 1 4 pax Php 1,500.00
Timothy 2 4 pax Php 1,500.00
Abraham Lower 7 pax Php 3,500.00
Ana (Surf Shack) 5 pax Php 1,500.00
Matthew Attic 1(5 pax) Php 2,500.00
Matthew Attic 2(5 pax) Php 2,500.00
Naomi Attic (4 pax) Php 2,000.00
John(2 pax) Php 1,000.00
Micah(2 pax) Php 1,200.00
Meshach(3 pax) Php 1,200.00
Shadrach (3 pax) Php 1,200.00
Shem (2 pax) Php 1,000.00
Mark(2 pax) Php 1,000.00
Daniel(20 pax) Php 5,000.00
Samuel(20 pax) Php 5,000.00
Hosea Mini Hall 100 pax Php 2,000.00
Tabernacle of Moses 400 pax Php 4,000.00
Ham 6 pax Php 500.00
Japeth 6 pax Php 500.00
Kugon Sheds 4 pax Php 200.00
Mini Kubo’s 4 pax Php 200.00
Nehemiah (pagoda) 10 pax Php 1,000.00
Small 2pax Php 500.00
Big 4pax Php 1,000.00
Family 6pax Php 1,500.00

Amenities & Services:

  • Swimming, surfing, scuba diving
  • Island tour/waterfall tour
  • Mountain climbing
  • Swimming/snorkelling
  • Boating/jogging
  • Beach volleyball and basketball
  • Beach badminton
  • Obstacle course/aerobic
  • Billiard/table tennis
  • Videoke/darts
  • Other water sports
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  • Sarah

    meron po ba kaung special packages para sa mga company outing? please show me its inclusive,ammenities, capacity of your resort and the costs

  • Tere

    how much yung room rates at wat inclusive nun? like food,etc… if we will stay there for 2nyts how much and budget? and can i request na magpost naman kayo ng photos ng rooms, facilities, etc so that we may have an idea of what the place looks like…thank you and hope to hear from you…

  • Jennifer santos

    ate anu ba maganda dyan sa lugar nyo, i mean dyan sa beach nyo anu ang high lights nyo

  • shianne chan

    how much is the entrance fee and overnight stay for a persons 10 to 15 and other activity inclusions? tnx

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