DJ Paradise Resort & Hotel, Malolos, Bulacan

The fun begins the moment you step in! Be it for adventure or relaxation, DJ Paradise has it all for youre from our crystal sparkling pools to elegant private cottages to picturesque sceneries to superior recreational facilities, experience a holiday like no other.

Only 45 minutes from the humdrum of Manila, DJ Paradise boasts of a canopy of trees and tropical blooms that naturally surround you with calm once you step right in. Fresh oxygen rich air conspires with migratory birds by the enclosure of plants to put you into a mindset of pure serenity.

The moment you enter, you know you’re somewhere special. And it is special-we planned it that way. DJ Paradise’s superior amenities assure you that each stay makes for wonderful priceless memories.

Rated Class AAA by the Department of Tourism and hailed as “Bulacan’s Healthiest Resort” by the Department of Health, DJ Paradise will fill your days with experiences beyond the ordinary. Where horizons of sky, tree, and earth melt in a symphonic flow of meditative peace, comfort and harmony. The lush tropical forest paths flow into a garden of brilliant flowers, which bloom by your footside-ancient palmera trees and forest orchids flowing gently onto each other.

Beauty surrounds you. The golden ray of sunlight kissing the proud palm trees, people leisurely walk hand in hand along the lush walkways, the quiet laughter of children as they discover nature’s pleasure, the sense of community brought about by family and friends, the comforting feeling of privacy and serenity.

The Resort, set in 6 hectares of developed land, pampers you further with uncompromisingly modern facilities, ensuring that you enjoy the comfort and convenience of city standard accommodations while basking in the lushness of the countryside.

Stay the whole day and frolic in the tropical sun sought after year-in year-out by swarms of tourists. DJ Paradise’s 9 best-selling tremendous pools-including a Wave Pool-await your carefree splashing in their cool, lamberts waters.

Where the sun retreats and moonlight makes the stars glimmer even brighter, that’s sure sign you haven’t had enough. Soak the night away in any of our 24-hour pools and tuck yourself to bed in any of the 55 resort rooms including the dormitory designed to accommodate groups.

Gatherings and occasions? DJ Paradise Resort is also a great venue. With its coffee shop, restaurant, videoke bar, and fully equipped function rooms, it can handle all types and sizes of receptions-be it a wedding, birthday, baptismal, meeting, and more.


Cruising along the MacArthur Highway in the historic City of Malolos, Bulacan, any traveler won’t miss DJ Paradise Hotel. A perfect place to rekindle the soul and commune with nature…truly a haven for those who have grown tired from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The full-time concierge will give you warm welcome and a great sense of arrival and will indulge its guests with a wide-range of personalized service that include spur-of-the-moment requests as well as mundane chores so characteristic of Bulakeño hospitality.

Our executive suites, fully-furnished with their own receiving area and Jacuzzi are perfect for an exceptional stay in Paradise. Feel the comforts of your own bedroom in Paradise’s first class suites.

Dive into the clean, crisp, crystal blue water of the pool and have your favorite drink in the pool bar.

Be it family and friends’ gathering or business throng, our elegant function halls will be the perfect venue.

How to get there

By public transport

DJ Paradise is very accessible to commuters. You can take any of the buses such as Royal Eagle, Aladdin, Baliwag Transit, Philippine Rabbit, Victory Liner or Beatriz. Take those with signs “Malolos Crossing, Hagonoy, Calumpit or Apalit, provided that it does not indicate “Express.” The buses will pass through the Tabang Exit and will stop directly in front of our gate, as it is conveniently located along MacArthur Highway. Bus fares range from P40 to P60. Another option is via the Tamaraw FX taxis (having the same signs) found in Cubao, SM West or Monumento.

By own car

DJ Paradise is only 45 minutes to 1 hour from Balintawak. However, it is advised that you avoid the rush hours in travelling for heavy traffic can cause the travel time to extend beyond an hour. Via the North Diversion Road, pass through the Tabang Exit (from the hiway, you shall see a sign pointing to the road curving to the right, indicating Tabang, Malolos, Guiginto). From Balintawak, toll fee costs P67. Beyond the tollgate, just straight ahead is the resort, approximately less than 5 more minutes drive. Parking is no problem as adequate parking lots are provided for inside our well-guarded compound.



  • Regular Rate Room Type [Standard]- $64.55 / Php2840.00
  • De Luxe$75.00- / Php3300.00
  • Executive $85.91/ Php3780.00
  • Excess per head -$2.27 / Php100.00
  • Private Cottages :Airconditioned rooms[Daytime] (8am – 5pm) -$20.45 / Php900.00
  • Private Cottages: Night time (7pm – 7am) -$22.73 / Php1000.00
  • Private Cottage-One Day (24 hours) – $40.91 / Php1800.00


  • Wave pool
  • Mega pool
  • Kiddie play pool
  • Cascade pool
  • Saudi pool:
  • Private pool
  • Hotel rooms
  • Canopy Cottage

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on Jan 12, 2008

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  • Tess

    My family and I visited DJ Paradise Resort last Saturday night, April 25, 2009. So, there are lots of reasons why you should not go and visit DJ Paradise Resort:
    1.) Dirty Pool Water. Your whole body becomes itchy.
    2.) Dirty Dressing Rooms. You can’t change clothes because of wet & muddy floor and “SUKA” cause by heavy drinkers.
    3.) Dirty Shower/Comfort Rooms. You can’y take a shower properly due to the so-called “SUKA” and the water in the floor is not sinking and the doors don’t have locks.
    4.) No Control in Alcoholic Drinks. The management don’t have controls to the alcoholic drinks of their customers. You can drink all you can. I think it will be dangerous coz it can cause trouble.
    5.) No Life Guards/Staffs Around. There were no life guards/staffs around that you can ask for help. You have to go to the entrance of the resort to see a staff to ask for help. In short, NO SECURITY.

  • Jayjay

    gud pm! please email me the infos bout the rooom rates as well as the entrance fee.

  • Jade

    please send me ur rates for entrance and cottages for 10 persons.. allowed b ang food inside the resort.. please send it to my email

  • Roan

    kindly send through my email how much is the whole day swimming and cottage…please send me complete details my family want to have escapades and we decide to go with your place..thank you and hoping you could reply as soon as possible

  • Arlene g.capul

    how much is the entrance per head,adults and children and the cottage or room?at

  • Len

    pls send me the lists of your room rates, entrance fee ASAP. my husband and i plans to go to your place this weekend.

  • Claire

    does the nipa hut have a bathroom?

  • OJ

    How much is the entrance per head, adults and children alike, and a cottage / room?

  • Tun

    could you kindly plese send me the room rate for 2 persons for a day and a night and any information about reservation at Thanks


    HEii ..
    COTTAGE :))


  • Sheena

    pls send us a quotation for 30 pax for 3day accommodation.

  • Yeng

    nakita ko na sa websyt neu.. tnx 🙂

  • Yeng

    Hello, ask ko lang po kung magkanu ung entrance at cottage nyu? eh ung 2yrs old na kid po ba my bayad?
    pki send nln sa ung pricelists.. tnx 🙂

  • Archie

    hi,,,tanong ko lang po kung magkano ang entrance and cottage for a day?,,thanks

  • Dale

    hello.. kindly send me your your room rates, we are planning to visit your place by the end of may (for 3 days and 2 nights) for 2 persons.

  • Jen

    pls send me info about entrance fee, room rates @ overnyt , and if there’s any reservation.. pls send it to my e-mail: asap. thanks

  • Maricar

    i would like to inquire about your entrance fee and cottage price? pls txt me ryt away..kasi magsusuwimming kami dyan tomorrow eh..heres my cp #..09107535668..tnx

  • Jhen elorde

    i would like to know the accomodation and entrance.

  • Melc

    can u please send me a quotation of ur room rates for a
    group of 15 people staying for 2 days and 1 night? thanks!

  • Joan

    can you pls send me the room rates for overnight stay and the inclusions as well. and also the facilities pictures. thanks

  • Jam

    i would like to inquire the amount of expenses and even the room rate good for two. day time. it is on march 21, 2009. thnk you and im hoping for your response. godbless.

  • Trixie

    can you pls send me the room rates for overnight stay and the inclusions as well. thanks.

  • Irene vinluan

    can you please send me the rates of the hotel accomodation and entrance fee ,we are a family of 4,2 adult and 2 child.pls. give the some recommendations,we plan to visit there on march 31 overnight,thanks.


  • Phey arce

    kindly send me a quotation for private pool overnyt.thanks!

  • Jo MB

    I would like to know your cottage fee for 3-4 persons and the entrance fee for adult and child. Can we bring food inside? If there is resto inside your resort is the price affordable?

  • Frances

    hi.:) can you send me your rates for rooms and other amenities? thnx.

  • Jen Reyes

    Good day!
    This is Jen of Cruise & Learn Management Inc. We organize company outing, seminar, team building and even summer vacation of barkadas.
    -Beach Resort (Batangas, Pangasinan, Bataan)
    -Resort (bulacan)
    -Hotel (Baguio)
    -Bus, Van
    If you’re interested, you can text me at 0926-6840204 or 0923-4016180. Pls text me the ff info:
    # of pax:
    Date of Tour:
    pls include also if you want me to indicate meals in the quotation.

    God Bless!

    Jen Reyes
    Cruise & Learn Mgt., Inc

  • Teth

    hi,,,i would like to request for a qoutation for 2 persons, overnyt stay…thanks

  • Anne

    For weekends

  • Anne

    kindly send me the quotation for the private pool overnight. thanks!

  • Derwin

    I would like to request a price qoute for one (1) night stay.2 person. Please send a copy to date is April 18, 2008

  • Chel

    how many person can stay in sUite room?
    how much?

  • joan

    how about private cottages? how much? probably dis coming May.

  • joan

    kindly submit a quoation for 4pax, 1 room, how much entrance fee, and can we bring food? daytime swimming. thanx

  • joan

    kindly send me a quotation for 4pax, 1 room, can we bring food ? how much is the entrance per person daytime swimming. probably dis coming may.


  • Ronald go

    please send me a quotation of your room rates for overnyt stay for 4 persons on march. 21, 2008

  • Mj

    do you have Spa or any massage factor inside the resort?

  • Mj

    hi.. kindly send me your quotation of your room rates, anyway were planning to visit your place by april 21-23 (for 2 days). for 2 persons..

    tnx and regards

  • Mj

    hi.. kindly send me your quotation of your room rates, anyway were planning to visit your place by april 21-23 (for 2 days). for 2 persons..

    tnx and regards

  • Nice

    I would like to know your room accommodation and entrance on April 9 for 12-15 pax. if you have any package rate for for the said number of pax. Daytime swimming

  • Angela Coniendo

    Kindly send a quotation for a family room on Mar14-16, 2008 or any room that could accommodate up to 8pax. URGENT. Thanks!

  • Maila Mollaneda

    I would like to know you room rates. Family room, overnight stay on March 20-22

  • Gilbert Damasco

    Good day! I would like to request a quotation of your room rates. Thanks!

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