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Rizal Boulevard

Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental. People living here are not as stressed as those living in Metro Manila because their lives are simpler yet more fun than in the Metro. One thing you would easily notice when you’re in Dumaguete is the number of bicycles and tricycles here as compared to the number of vehicles circulating their streets. That’s because Dumaguete prefers this mode of transportation and here you can still breathe fresh air as not too many cars are polluting their precious air.

Bell Tower

Dumaguete is known as the city of gentle people and this holds true up to this day. The people in Dumaguete are known to be friendly. You’d feel much safer walking on the streets in Dumaguete than in most places in the Philippines and tourists are adored here. When you’re in Dumaguete you just easily feel more relaxed. No wonder why many expats prefer to stay in Dumaguete, not only is it inexpensive to live here but they find the city very peaceful.

How to get there?

There are many domestic flights that direct to Dumaguete. Check Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and Philippine Airlines as they have daily flights from Manila to Dumaguete. If you are from other parts of the country, you can fly to Cebu first then fly again from Cebu to Dumaguete. If you are living within Visayas you may check for sea ferries that offer daily trips to Dumaguete.

Roro is also a popular choice of many. You can find roro to Dumaguete from Cebu and even from Manila. You’d be riding a bus then during sea trips there is a barge that will carry the buses to the next island until you reach Dumaguete.

Casaroro Falls 

Why should you go to Dumaguete?

If you’re after an inexpensive and peaceful stay then Dumaguete is the place for you. Dumaguete is a small city and you can just walk around going from 1 point to the next. If you are not the walking type then you can just hop on the tricycles or rent a bike and feel what it’s like to be one of the locals here as this is how they usually travel around their city.

Also, Dumaguete is in close proximity to many dive sites in Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental. It’s easy to find transport to take you there so you can fully enjoy your vacation. It’s very near Bais where you can go dolphin watching and even whale watching and it’s one of the few places in the country where you can really get up close and personal with these giant whales.

Where to stay in Dumaguete?

There are many hotels, inns and pension houses in Dumaguete that offers affordable yet comfortable stay for travelers and tourists. Here are just some of the places you can stay during your vacation in Dumaguete.

Casa Demonteverde- A budget hotel that makes you feel right at home. You can get a comfortable and clean single room for just P500 a night and a family room good for 4 persons at just P1,600. At these prices you already get free wi-fi access, air-condition, cable TV, and hot & cold shower.

RM Guesthouse has a dormitory room where you can stay for just P275 per person for the non-aircondition and P500 for air-condition units. Addition of just P100 and you get your single room.

Harold’s Mansion is another great choice for tourists on a budget. You can get a single non-aircon room for just P350 with shared bathroom with other guests. If you want a single room with your own bathroom then you just need to add P50. Suite rooms for a family of 4 is just worth P1,300 and it’s already an air-conditioned room.

Where to eat in Dumaguete?

One of the most talked about dessert place is found at San Jose Street and the place is simply called Sans River. People go there to eat the best sans rival and their delicious sylvannas.

At the Boulevard Area you’ll find several restaurants such as Café Antonio and Le Chalet.

Apo Island 

What to do in Dumaguete?

You can visit the oldest university in the country which is the Silliman University. You can also check out the zoo and the museums cared by this university for your kids to enjoy and learn from.

Bell Tower is another popular destination here as it’s the oldest structure that survives in this city and it was used during the Spanish era as a watchtower that warns the people of Dumaguete when pirates coming from Mindanao are spotted.

Casaroro falls is located in the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental, about 9 kilometers away from Dumaguete City.   The falls stand proud with its 100 feet height from which spring water flows into a narrow opening.

If you’re into diving then Apo island which is just about 30 minutes by boat away from Dumaguete is the best place for you. This is one of the best diving spots you can find in the Philippines and it’s rich with coral reefs and different species of fish. You can even find whales and dolphins swimming around here.

Siquijor is also not that far from Dumaguete. It’s a perfect getaway if you like to go diving and trekking. Many nature lovers visiting Dumaguete don’t want to miss out the chance to go to Siquijor and stay there overnight then head back to Dumaguete for some quiet time before going to another spell-binding adventure elsewhere. There are many places around Dumaguete that will surely keep you busy on your vacation.

All in all, Dumaguete is a must visit city in the Philippines and it will surely be worth your stay. You’d feel quite happy here as you see how simple life can be yet sophisticated enough that you won’t feel trapped without all the advantages of living in an urban jungle.

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