Eastern Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas

Eastern Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas

Eastern Beach Resort is another beach resort to be noted. Located in Laiya, known for it’s 7 kilometer long white sand beach nearing the SouthEastern tip of Batangas. And did you know that this resort is named after its location? Yes… Its most proud attraction is indeed the Sunrise which brings forth a symbol of new day and new life to its visitors. Not a wonder why Laiya is sometimes referred to as  a hidden paradise by its guests. But don’t just take my word for it, why not visit the place yourself and be the judge of it based on your experience.
A few steps if you want to go there from Manila:

  • From Manila, you can take the South Luzon Tollway,
  • Exit towards Batangas/Sto.Tomas.
  • From Sto. Tomas, go right directing to Star Tollway. (CALABARZON)
  • From Star Tollway, turn right again towards the Lipa traverseb C.M. Recto.
  • Turn right at P. Torres (there’s a mercury drug there) pointing to Padre Garcia.
  • Then Turn left going to Padre Garcia public market, then turn right directing to Batangas racing circuit.
  • After that, Go straight ahead to San Juan.
  • From San Juan, when you see the Municipal Hall, turn right.
  • When you have reached the main road directing to Laiya, drive smoothly 20-22 kms along this road..
  • Following the directions, you’ll reach the Resort


COTTAGE 1  P 3500.00 P 1800.00
            Single suite airconditioned room
            With refand gas stove
            2 to 4 pax
COTTAGE 2 P6500.00 P 3500.00
            Family airconditioned room
            With ref and gas stove
            7 to 10 pax
COTTAGE 3 P 5500.00 P 3000.oo
            Bahay kubo with 2 fan rooms
            With kitchen and gas stove
            15 pax allowed
COTTAGE 4 P 4500.00 P 2500.00
            Bahay kubo with 2 fan rooms
            With gas stove
            20 pax allowed
COTTAGE 5 P 6000.00  P 3000.00
Family airconditioned room
With ref and gas stove
            6 to 9 pax
NIPA HUTS  P 2000.00
      day tour P 1500.00 P 1000.00
        day tour P 1000.00  P 800.00



  • 6 types of Accommodations to choose from
  • Nipa Hut
  • Picnic Table
  • The Beach
  • The Sunrise View

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  • Jesie verano

    me contact number po b kau pra mkapg inquire ako s in u..

  • irene valdez

    we’ll be planning an overnight on aprl 30 check out on may 1. 8 to 10 pax. how much is the accomodation for an aircon room. Any additional charges?please contact me at 09226530199

  • Karyll Henorio

    Hi. We would like to have a reservation on dates April 26-26 we are four adults. Thank you.

  • Michelle Elera

    for overnight stay po on April 2-3…appreciate your immediate reply. thanks:)

  • Michelle Elera

    Hi, available pa po ung cottage 4 nyo for this week?

  • Edward

    Inquire po kami kung may available room pa po kayo for 7 people on April 17-20! And kung May picture of the resort please send us po! Thsnks

  • Jon Ortiza


    Kindly send me a copy of your rates for your room and accommodation. We are planning to go there on Feb 14-15 is this date still available? Also please provide a contact number so that we can contact you prior to our desired date for reservation.


  • Alice

    Hi, do you have landline to call? re accommodation on apr. 17 & 18, 2014

  • Princess garcia

    may i ask if there is an entrance fee??? how much for adult and children? thanks.

  • Nanette esurena

    hello, gonna ask how much is the rate of 30 pax overnight on May 3-4, 2014. hope to hear from you soon

  • nicole

    hello… can we ask how much is the rate for 12 pax overnight… thank u if u asnwer this… your welcome if not.. :))

  • RYAn

    any website Sir/Ma’am?
    Then pano po i-pareserve ang cottage 3? if ppossible, kindly send me some of the photos of the cottage. We’re planning to spend our summer break this weekends, April 13-14…..

    Many thanks,

  • Fat

    May i please ask for your contact number? some photos of your resort/rooms would be handy too.

    thank you.

  • Leo

    Hi !

    Our company is planning to have a Summer Outing and I’m looking for a beach resort that can accommodate us.
    Kindly refer to the info below:

    Headcount: 45
    Budget: 50,000
    Date: April 06 or April 13 or April 20 or May 04.

    How much can you charge us based on our headcount?
    Do you have rooms that can accommodate 5-8 persons?
    Food/Meal package?

    Hope you can answer all my queries.

  • Eastern admin

    look for bayani ramos

  • Eastern admin

    pls contact 0932-6134514. thanks

  • Lani

    Hi, can I have your contact information pls.

  • Justdenzo

    contact number pls..

    do give me a call 09172082086

  • Mary Rose Dimailig

    hi,what is your contact number? i would like to inquire for reservation. thanks

  • Lyka rivera

    pls. give us your contact information and quotation for company outing this coming April 2013 for 75 fax

  • Michelo

    Magkano po ang pag nasa 10-13 mkami were planing to have a team building were planning 2 stay 2 stay for 2 days pls reply as soon as possible 09279186896

  • Julie

    can i get your contact number? how can we make reservation for 8 person on january 19. tnx

  • Julie

    how can we make a reservation for your cottage 2 on ur off season? what is your contact number…

  • Chel jabonillo

    how much for 8 pax all in all in one night?
    without aircon?
    and do you still have an entrane fee?
    if possible it will be on saturday to sunday Jan 12 to January 13?

  • Ivan Llamar

    hi…how can i inquire about the date and do you have any picture of your resort?! thanks

  • Melanie gonzales

    how much is your rate for 13 persons? we are planning to have outing this coming november or 1st week of december

  • Ma teresa riveral

    can u send me some pix …rooms…etc,,we are planning to go to batangas ds dec 23 to 25.

  • Mae

    hi were planning to go to batangas this week end can you send me some pics so i can shoe it to my friends? coz im interested to go there thank you..

  • ,mark anthony anacio

    hi!can you post some pics,so that we can see the type of rooms you offer.and your contact no.please.We are actually planning to have an outing this week.So if it is possible to reply immidiately then we can consider you resort,thanks!

  • Mary Jane De Guzman

    how can we make a reservation for your cottage 1 on ur off season? what is your contact number…

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