El Nido: Climbing at Taraw Cliff

Aside from the world class beaches, island and limestone rock formations, you can’t simply miss climbing Taraw Cliff when going to El Nido. But climbing the cliff is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the strong-willed individuals who are seeking for adventure, thrill and a bit of challenge.

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Taraw is a native dialect or Cuyunon which, means mountains. However, the taraws seen in El Nido are not the typical mountain that can be seen anywhere. These are limestone karst, which makes it exciting, and nerve wracking to climb. It is advisable to wear rubber shoes or thick slippers and leave your Havaianas behind. Don’t bring huge bags as it is very distracting and heavy. And most of all, don’t forget to bring water, face towel and camera to take photos of the picturesque view on top.


 Taraw Peak requires hiring a guide to help you climb up the cliff and at the same time keep you safe. Most guides can accommodate about 2-3 persons per climb and it is advisable to climb early in the morning from 5 to 9 am. Finding a guide to Taraw cliff is easy, just visit the tourism office or any travel agency at El Nido proper, they can help. You may climb any time of the day but other than the required times you have to make sure you put on a lot of sunblock as you are directly under the heat of the sun.Taraw cliff1

Prepare yourself to be bruised and have some cuts when you climb. You have to ascend through the sharp limestone karst. Make sure to watch your step and secure that you are holding on to a steady part of the cliff. One wrong move, you may slip and cause injury. There is a nook that can be found when climbing. This is perhaps made as a resting place for climber and locals when climbing the cliff.Taraw cliff

It takes sweat, blood and maybe tears when climbing to the top but the view is all worth it. Even as you ascend towards the tops, you can have a glimpse what view is waiting for you on top. But once you reach the peak, a magnificent view overlooking the whole El Nido, the islands, white sand beach and sea gives an exhilarating sight. Reaching the peak of Taraw Cliff will take an hour if you are experienced and physically active. While if you’re phasing is quite slow it will take around 2 to 3 hours.

El-Nido-taraw-cliff-9945You can enjoy the view to your hearts content, as going down is another battle to endeavor. The way back down is way more difficult than going on top. One slip and it could lead to serious injury. You have to be very careful as you tread along.


Me at the top of Taraw Cliff

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