El Nido: Matinloc Shrine

There is nothing more interesting than visiting a shrine in the middle of sea in El Nido. Matinloc Shrine is one of the many remarkable attractions to visit when doing Tour C. Matinloc comes from a Cuyunin word “matinlo” which means beautiful in English. In fact, the beauty of the island is also appreciated from above as it forms a heart when seen in an aerial view.


Most tourists would find the Shrine creepy and mysterious because it of unfinished structures and the chilly atmosphere. As soon as you dock in the island, you will be will be welcomed by the owner’s unfinished mansion and shrine. The island is said to be owned by Jablon Fernandez, a local resident. You can tour inside the mansion and even a mini museum underground. Photos during the construction are found inside, which includes a miraculous and bountiful harvest of fishes in the island.




The island’s shrine has a deeper story, which holds dear to the locals. According to the story inside the mini museum, it was in 1965 when a member of the Matinloc devotee has a vision of dome-shaped structure and has 12 pillars that surround it. And inside is the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a cross in the altar. After the completion of the shrine, a bountiful harvest of fishes happened making it a holy structure for Matinloc devotees.


View from the other side


Crystal Clear Water of Matinloc Shrine.


But aside from the enigmatic stories about the island, it offers one of the best views all of El Nido. Though the way to the viewing deck is very rocky, rough entail leaving your legs wounded, the view is just awe-inspiring and literally a Kodak moment. It gives and overwhelming view of the neighboring islands, the seawater ranging from tortoise to deep blue, lush greenery and a lot of limestone cliffs. If you’re a daredevil and can take on a challenge, you can climb further to the top of the cliff and even scream your heart out that you’re on top of the world. But more than anything it offers a 360-degree view of the whole El Nido.





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