El Nido: Snake Island

With 7107 islands in the country, hundreds of these are found in the island of Palawan. Some islands have rich history while others have unique names. One of which is the Snake Island in the beautiful El Nido- a tourist destination and one of the country’s go-to vacation spots.
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Snake Island, as creepy as the name sounds is an island not surrounded by snakes but is surrounded by nature’s beauty. It was previously known as Vigan Island but then changed because of the island’s unique S-shaped sandbar, which stretches from the mainland to Snake Island. However, you can only see the visible sandbar trail during low tide.El Nido Snake Island_0069

You can visit Snake Island when availing El Nido Tour B. It is one of the pit stops for snorkeling or just simply beach bumming and looking at the beautiful sceneries especially the Bacuit Bay. Simply put, Bacuit Bay is home to different marine species in El Nido province.


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The island is about 45 minutes away from El Nido Town and this is mostly the pitstop for lunch and picnic of Tour B. Once you reach the island, you trail the nearest sandbar within minutes. Make sure to put your aqua shoes on or even flip-flops to avoid stepping over the rockfish and even other creatures.

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The best part about Snake Island is the overwhelming 360 degree view of nature. The nearby island and the lush greeneries are such relaxing sight to see. You can even snorkel around the island and see different underwater creatures. Just a fair warning though, don’t forget to put on some sunblock or wear hats and shades because El Nido heat can be too much.

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View from the top

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