Enchanted River will be closed for maintenance – LGU Hinatuan

On December 21, 2016 an announcement was made through the Facebook page of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Hinatuan informing the people of the “Advisory on Temporary Closure of Enchanted River”

Quoting the Facebook post description of the LGU of Hinatuan.

The Local Government Unit of Hinatuan seeks the understanding of the public for the temporary closure of Enchanted River while maintenance works are underway. Further queries about the closure can be directed to Enchanted River Management Office @ 09099553077. Thank you.
(December 21, 2016)”

Enchanted River’s temporarily closure will begin January 9,2017 up until February 3,2017. And by February 4, 2017, the Enchanted River will reopen and continue on with their normal operations.

This is one of the strategies thought out by the LGU of Hinatuan to allow and let the river refresh and revitalize, letting it having a breather from tourism.

There have been some netizens sharing their sentiments regarding the news. Some believe that it is about time that a closure happened before the actual river gets destroyed and loses its beauty due to the number of visitors that go there every day.

The LGU of Hinatuan has been planning throughout the year to increase efforts in preserving the beauty of the river. There have been plans to start implementing a booking system in order to have a certain limit to the number of visitors each day. This is to ensure that the river does not get too overcrowded and for visitors to fully enjoy the river. The main pool of the river would also be closed, meaning for visitors that are looking to have a swim would just have to swim in the areas down the river.

Previous efforts were also done such as closing the river by 5 PM for both the safety of the visitors and so not to exhaust the environment of the river. And also at 12 noon, most visitors who are swimming in the river are encourage to stop to let the different species of fishes found in the river continue on with their regular feeding time. They have also urged the visitors themselves to help in the preservation of the river by making sure to not leave any of their trash in the river or areas closeby.

Enchanted River has also previously been temporarily closed in 2014. Due to a licensed cave and scuba diver drowning in the river. The diver had drowned because of his oxgyen tank running on empty.

The Enchanted River is situated in the Barangay of Cambatong, around 14 Km far from the main part of Hinatuan. And the town of Hinatuan is only about two hours travel trime from Bislig, Surigao del Sur.

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