Flower Island, Sandoval, Palawan

Flower Island, Sandoval, Palawan

Flower Island is an enchanted hideaway in the vast and remote Taytay Bay. The resort was built behind a golden beach encircled by a coral reef. With a homey and casual atmosphere that comes being at home with nature, the resort gives you the chance to get from the busy city lights. Moreover, the quality of service you get here is well worth the price you pay.

Seven non air-conditioned bungalows and a two-story house with four air-conditioned rooms are well conceived. They are spread out along a pristine beach, far enough from each other, among bougainvilleas, frangipani trees and red lilies. The terraces at the front of the bungalows are very attractive, with hammocks facing the sea, assuring complete privacy.

The restaurant sits in the big round bungalow opening onto the beach with a small lounge for reading or listening to music. The place is pretty with red tile floors, handmade bamboo, wood and cast iron furniture. Everything is bathe in a subdued light. You may feel as if you are in the south of France. Indeed, you would give your hosts great pleasure by bringing them a bottle of patis, an alcoholic specialty from Marseilles.

You can, under an hour, tour the island on foot across cobblestoned path, but its interior is impenetrable. The beach is perfect for swimming or snorkeling in the small coral reef fronting the resort. There is a beautiful mangrove patch at one end of the beach. a small promontory, evoking some Balinese temple was fitted in. It is only accessible at low tide.

Canoes are available and the resort’s banca ca bring your around in search of islets. You can also go fishing if you may choose — and taste your day’s catch in the evening.

In Flower Island, you lose all sens of time. It is the ideal place to rest, read in your hammock or walk along the serene shoreline collecting seashells.

How to get there

By air, land and sea, 90-minute daily flights on Seair from Manila to Sandoval. 10 minutes by jeepney from Sandoval airport to the pier. 75 minutes by resort’s banca (cabins inside) or 45 minutes by speedboat from Sondoval pier to Flower Island.

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