Gerthel Beach, Lobo, Batangas

Gerthel Beach, Lobo, Batangas

Lobo beach is an option for vacationers who wants something new in their holiday break in Batangas.

For most Batangueños, when you speak of the town of Lobo it means the famous fruits like atis (sugar apple) and sampaloc (tamarind). But Lobo town is also a delightful place for a beach trip.

From Manila, it would take you around 3 hours drive to reach the attractive town of Lobo. Before reaching the town, you will drive thru a narrow winding road with a scenic view of the mountains.

Gerthel Beach is located in the town of Lobo, it is one of the finest beaches of the area. The approximately one kilometer stretch of white sand beach has gradually sloping ocean floor to about two hundred meters before the drop-off. A beach resort that also serves as an accommodation facility also exists.

How to get there: The beach can be reached by taking a jeepney towards Lobo. Several tricycles can also be hired upon reaching the town proper. The distance from Batangas City to Lobo is about 37 kilometers.

Travel time: 2 1/2 hours from Manila.



  • open cottages
  • Reception services for weddings
  • birthdays & aniversaries


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  • Vivien Bonifacio

    Please send me the rates, we are about 20 pax. We are planning to go there this weekend, June 5.

  • Venus de la Paz

    please send me your room rates, and if possible, pictures of your resort. im looking for a resort for our weekend outing, our group is 17-20 pax. hope to receive your response soonest. thanks.

  • Lauro Velasquez

    Kindly send me a quotation,we’re planning to go there on the 27th of February. Overnight. 7 adults and 8 kids. Thanks. Do you accept credit card payment. Can we bring our own foods.

  • Liza san pedro

    Hi, can you quote me for 30 adults for over night stay with ac rooms. can we bring our own food and drinks ?


  • Jhocette Marcelo

    Please email me quotation for 5 adults – for an overnight stay.

  • T jun

    Target family outing date: may 11 – 12, overnight for 10 persons. Rates please. Thanks.

  • Katleya aquino

    want to know the rates and accommodations, can you send it to me. my family wants to enjoy the beach without travelling so far. thanks!

  • LEY


  • Sheila may ytac

    We are planning to go there w/my friends and my family, this coming holyweek,can you send us the rates and vacant accomodation?asap

  • Geneth diaz

    pls send us room rates asap for this cming holyweek..thnks

  • Meg valenzuela

    i’d like to inquire on the rates of your rooms? how much does it cost for overnight stay with a capacity of 16 persons…

  • Evelyn o. singson

    pls email me the room rates and all your amenities. we plan to go there on May 23. It seems that these are the usual query. In that case, I recommend that you post your room rates and other rates if any, Do you have a convention/meeting room for at least 50 pax? Thank you very much.

  • Derick r vigilla

    paki e mail po how much overnight accomodation ? 5 adults im 12 years old, brother 13yrs old, sis 14 yrs old and cousin 13 yrs old.driver pwede po mag snorkling dyan? baon ng food? thanks po

  • Corina RDD

    Please email me the room rates of Gerthel Beach Resort. We plan to go this weekend. Thanks.

    Corina RDD

  • Manny Ang

    Sorry the date should be 04/21/2011

  • Manny Ang

    we are planning to there on thursday,03/21/11. Can you please send the rates per day for a cottage that can accommodate 12 persons. Can we also there and bring our foods. Thanks

  • Lou

    pls send more picture and room rates, we have family outing this coming apr 16-17 ,tnx

  • Rowena Casiano

    kindly send me your accommodations rates we are to have a company outing this coming May 7 to 8, 2011

  • teresa laroza

    can you please give me some details on the rates because

    were planning for an outing this summer. we are about
    150 persons (employees with family) package deal so i would know the budget if we can afforr it.

  • Jesse M

    please email me your room rates and accomodations..thank you

  • Vince

    To those who visited this beach, can you please send me the room rates when you stayed in Gerthel. My email add is Thanks in advance.

  • Lily Sandoval

    Do you have swimming pool?

  • Lily Sandoval

    Can you please send me rates for overnight stay. Can we bring food? Can you please provide photos of accommodation. We are planning to come on Holy Friday till Black Saturday. We are a group of 8 adults and 2 children age 5 years old only.

  • Ms. kit

    i’m fascinated with the pictures of the recent regal films company outing..kindly send us your rates for overnight stay, we are a group of 20 people..thanks

  • Anita Lee

    Hello Sir Marlon, We will be back this coming April. Please reserved us same as we rented before.. Thanks

  • Anita Lee

    I’ve been here last december 22-23… Very beautiful swiming area… the houses – nipa type are also ok, all are in beach front…

  • Jenny Reyes

    Very Beautiful swimming area… nICE… iVE been there last May 1.

  • Hotel in Gatwick

    I am travelling to Batanagas city in a couple of month’s, and this beach sound’s like an amazing place to stop and have a picnic 🙂


  • Malou

    can you send me the rates. were planning to go there on may 1st. I’ll ne glad if you can reply to my inquiry. GOD BLESS!!

  • Elvie

    pls . send us your rates and accomodations? thanks 🙂

  • Elli Alipio

    can you send me your rates and accommodations? thanks 🙂

  • Angelo

    pls send me a pictures of gerthel beach now….cause were planning to visit there next week. tnx

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