Experiencing Zen at Hagimit Falls

The beauty of Mother Nature is just within reach at Hagimit Falls. Samal Island, being a very popular getaway for in Davao is not just home to beautiful white sand beaches but also to a pristine waterfall.Hagimit Falls Samal (6)

Hagimit falls is popular to locals and even tourists visiting Davao City. The flowing water coming from the lush forest of Samal is a thing of beauty as it drops to the stream. The effect is very inviting and invigorating. The best part is, there is no need to travel for so long to reach this paradise.

Hagimit Falls Samal (4)

Hagimit Falls Samal (5)

There is an entrance fee of 40php per person plus a 5php environmental fee. And like other waterfalls adventure, you have to go through different flight of stairs going up after enjoying the place. But everything will be worth it after seeing the falls.Hagimit Falls Samal (1)

Hagimit Falls Samal (2)

Compared to the famous falls nationwide, Hagimit Falls are small but ultimately breath taking, picturesque and gives you a sense of zen. The water is cold but clear. Although there are already improvements like the staircase, some cottages were also built around the area. A hanging bridge and a concrete one are also available to easily cross from one place to another. The Hagimit trees and vast rain-forest are still present.Hagimit Falls Samal (5)

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There are however, no stores available so you have to bring food and enough water to last a day without thirst and starvation. This place is perfect for bonding with friends, families and even a lone time with yourself. And when the day is over, you don’t have to worry if you ain’t got any ride. There are habal-habal drivers who can take you back to Babak wharf with a standardized fare. Just make sure you don’t leave any mess in the area to preserve its beauty and not contribute to the destruction of nature.

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Sunrise (14)

How to go there:

Private car

  • You can take a barge at the Sasa Wharf going to IGACOS or Island Garden City of Samal. For a private car, it costs around 270php one way plus 10php per person inside the car. Travel time is only 15 minutes maximum. Once you reach Samal Island, another 15php is asked for environmental fee. Then drive from Babak to Penaplata.

Public Transport

  • Option 1: From Magsaysay Park, wait for a bus going to Penaplata or Kaputian (riding Kaputian is much preferred). The bus will also take the barge but busses are given priority over private cars. Around 40-50php per bus ride.

  • Option 2: Ride a motorboat from Sasa Km. 11 ferryboat wharf going to Babak Wharf. Once you reach Samal Island, you can hire a habal-habal to take you directly to Hagimit Falls.

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