Haven’s Peak Highland Resort in Maragusan, Compostella Valley

True to its name, Heaven’s Peak Highland Resort offers a skyline experience to guests as it is situated at the top of the Maragusan Hill. You get the chance to appreciate the view from the top overlooking forests and Maragusan proper. The place is so impressive that it has been recognized nationally as a worth-it tourist destination. During damp days, the view below is enveloped by thick fog which could come as either enchanting or menacing, depending one one’s imagination.

Panoramic View of Maragusan Proper

If you are looking for a place to unwind or to find serenity, the Heaven’s Peak is surely a perfect choice as it offers an ambience that easily connects a person to nature. For the hot summer, the resort offers the best getaway since Maragusan is considered to be the summer capital of the Davao Region. Dining is not a problem as the place has a restaurant that offers fine dishes that are all gastronomic treats.



Entrance Fee:

  • Php 20 / person + Php 80 if you want to go Swimming

For overnight stay of medium capacity

  • Mansaka House (2 persons capacity)
  • Bagobo House (3 persons capacity with view deck)
  • Ifugao House (3 persons capacity)
  • T’boli House (maximum of 5 persons capacity)

Overnight stay in all tribal huts (Couple with 2 kids or 3 adults) with pool and complimentary meal for 2 – Php 1,400.00


Dormitory (32 persons capacity) – Php 350.00 per person

  • Special rates available for group reservations
  • Complimentary meal

Extra person/bedding – Php 150.00


  • Function Hall
  • Terraza Adela
  • Pool
  • Lantaw Barbeque and Seafood Grill House
  • Mini Bar
  • Cable Car
  • Restaurant


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