Maragusan Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Just because the summer months have already passed, doesn’t mean that summer has ended. There are so many places in the Philippines that you can go to which will make you feel like summer will never end. One of which is actually a summer capital of Davao Region. Maragusan, or was also known as San Mariano, is found in Compostela Valley where beautiful hills and mountains rise above the ground.

Learn more about the best spots to visit in Maragusan so you don’t miss out on its beauty.

Pyalitan Falls

The falls that is described as the mini-version of Venezuela’s Angels Falls, the Pyalitan Falls has a total of beautiful four-tier falls which gives you an incredible view of the forest. You would feel like you’re so close the sky that you can actually touch it. The highest among those tiers has a drop of one hundred fifty feet. How scary is that? If you are up for the challenge, climbing to see the vast beauty of this falls will surely be an adventure you would enjoy.

Tagbibinta Falls

If Pyalitan falls has a drop of one hundred fifty feet that leaves you in awe, with Tagbibinta falls it is even more so. It has a total of thirteen series but only seven are explored by locals, and three are those highly recommended for tourists (who wish to get an easy trek). So if you are the type that loves to taking on hard and long trails, you would definitely enjoy the success of conquering the seven series. But if you wish to just relax, you can opt to stay at the first tier.

 Marangig Falls

A total of thirteen drops can be found at the Marangig falls, most of which are actually very difficult to get to, only two are visited by most of the tourists. Even experienced hikers don’t find it easy completing all thirteen but nevertheless each drop is still breathtaking. Another reason why this is also a visited falls is because the falls is the entrance to those who wish to climb Mount Candalaga. And if you are interested in old legends and folk tales, the Marangig falls has them. There have been stories about locals hearing blowing of horns around the river area and even seeing the water shifting movements. Most locals believe that this is the ship of Donya Marangig.

Haven’s Peak Resort

Good food and comfortable stay is not the only good you will notice in this resort. One of the best mountain resorts in the Philippines, Haven’s peak resort will give you a panoramic image of what heaven on earth looks likes. This is a great place to stay because of the different amenities available for their guests and the weather is extremely perfect for those looking to find a place to relax and just cool off. You have varied options when it comes how you would want your overnight stays, dorms, hunts, tents, etc.


Aguacan Inland Resort

Looks small and simple on the outside, but on the inside it is actually a resort that is filled with treasures that is worthy of travelling to. Aguacan Inland Resort has a huge beautiful pool, almost an Olympic size pool actually. Unlike Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort, the water in their pool is coming from a cold spring. So to those who want to cool off from the heat of the Philippines, you will enjoy it here. It is also great for those going on big group vacation trips because of the open spaces and they don’t accept many guests so there is a lot of privacy.

Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort

For those going on family trip vacations, Kanlawig Hot Sprint Resort would be a good destination for you. Its wide open spaces and big not so deep pools are great for those families with little ones who are just learning how to swim. The water found in the pool comes from a hot spring nearby, which makes the pool a place to sit and relax. The entrance is also light on the pockets, and as well as their lodging house and cottages. So imagine that you get to have tons of fun in a beautiful resort without even burdening your pockets.

How to Get to Maragusan?

  • You can ride a van from Davao headed to Maragusan which costs P220. Or if from Tagum City
    to Maragusan then its P130.
  • You can also ride a Bus (Mencidor Liner) But they only have trip from Tagum City to Maragusan, not any on Davao to Maragusan. So the trip from Tagum City to Maragusan is P100
  • If you’re from Mati City, Davao Oriental you can take Mati-Maragusan highway

What are you waiting for? Paradise awaits you.

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  • SMSB

    I have british neighbor. Lol. He’s been in and out of maragusan for almost 3 yrs now. Pretty sure he feels safe tho. The police required him to go to the police station during his arrivals for security purposes. ?

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    walay npa dha?

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    Pwde malaman paano ma contact ung aguacan cold spring resort? Pwde ba overnight didto?

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    Great place!
    Great experience!
    Perfect getaway!

  • Ll en Reilly

    It is not safe for white men to travel in some parts of the Philippines.

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      I’ve seen plenty of white people during the tour in Maragusan and I am not sure if they feel threatened 🙂

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