Infographics: How Travel Benefits Your Health

St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. There are a variety of reasons why people travel. Some do it for leisure – as a way of their escape from the hectic life on the fast lane. Others do it as their mission – to travel places they’ve never been to and share their experiences to others through their photographs and blogs while others travel to find an inspiration or do some soul searching. While these reasons are the most common intentions why people travel, there is one important purpose that people may have not noticed or never thought of why they SHOULD travel.

This infographic made for CityPASS.

Not everyone knows that travelling is actually healthy. Yes, it is expensive and some even consider it as a dead asset, but a yearly vacation won’t hurt a bit right? If you are able to reward yourself with expensive and delicious foods, why not spend some for travelling giving you not just a whole lot of fun and adventure but also do great wonders on your health. Travelling is healthy and there had been a lot of studies that showed how travelling can benefit one’s health and how it boosts our entire system thereby prolonging the years of our lives.


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  • Wow! I learned a lot today. From now on more travel, more life, more fun. Thanks for the info. if you have some time you can read blogs about the beautiful places and upcoming events here in the Philippines. Here’s the link

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