In Pictures: Kapurpurawan Rock Formations

If you want to see something unnatural for a vacation destination, then these bizarre-looking rock formations might just suit your preference. Its normal to see sand lining a coast right? Although it is pretty common too to see rocks instead of sand bordering the shores, it is unusual to see shallow pools with no shades of trees lining the shore. What’s even bizarre is the strange looking rock formation that resembles like that of a dragon, seeming to be guarding the shore; adding up to that picturesque sights are the limestone that makes up the rocks. That and more are the things you’ll see in this unique place in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

kapurpurawan rock formation 2

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations / Photos by: Mark Albert Alejo Cruz

Kapurpurawan is about 3 kilometers away from its nearest highway and will require you to trek at least 5-10 minutes to get to its drop off area. If you want an extraordinary adventure, you can opt to do horseback riding which is offered in its drop off area to get you to the rock formations. The cost for the horseback riding is about Php100.00.

kapurpurawan rock formation 5

kapurpurawan rock formation

Kapurpurawan rock formations were formed over millions of years through the forces of the wind, the water and ocean’s waves. It simply is the perfect example for sedimentation process whereby particles through fluidic movements create hard substances such as rocks.

kapurpurawan rock formation 4


kapurpurawan rock formation 3

Be mindful however in some areas of the rock formations where tourists are no longer allowed to pass through. This was mandated by the tourism officers due to the vandalism of some tourists that visited the area.



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