In The Midst of Fingerpointing: Action over Reaction On Yolanda Crisis

In The Midst of Fingerpointing: Action over Reaction On Yolanda Crisis

Amidst all the issues, chaos, distresses, losses, grief and hopelessness that our country has been going thru right now, have we really reflected well as to how well we responded with the problems which concerns our entire nation? Did we become beacons of light in these crucial circumstances, or have we contributed more in the downfall of our country amidst the darkest crisis that we are now facing?

Many of us may feel angered, frustrated, betrayed, wounded and impatient due to the slow process of relief operations and lack of transparency and accountability with regards to the monetary assistance and in-kind resources received from various outreach sectors all over the world, however, this is not the right time to exhaust all the efforts and time to bash and blame the entire government because of its prejudged incompetency. This is also not the right time to nurture and dwell on such negative emotions because there is no way that our fury can change what happened or even save the victims. The aftermaths of the typhoon can no longer be undone, so there is no point in finding someone to blame for all these. NOBODY WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Instead of focusing on the mistakes of our government officials, we should focus more on how we can be instruments of hope, boost the morale of the victims and be agents of aid and inspiration.


There is no way that the government can handle this alone. Now is the perfect time to unite and move as one country and as one family. The victims of the typhoon have been to so many traumas and they need our urgent help and not our ear-splitting, ranting reactions and sentiments on various diverse issues in the social media that are no longer a priority. Let us find all the means to help ceaselessly in our own ways. Donate. Share. Volunteer. Be involved.

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on Nov 14, 2013

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  • Estoy

    I like this post so much.. Please help.. no judging.. take action..

  • Lourdes

    Im from Compostela, Compostela Valley.
    I wanna join volunteer for stress/trauma debriefing.
    Please let me know how to join.

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