Laiya White Cove Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas

Laiya White Cove Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas

Laiya White Cove Beach Resort is located in San Juan, Batangas. It is only 2.5hours drive from manila. A perfect place for a quick getaway vacation for the family and friends. It offers a lot of facilities for the guests to enjoy. It is open for all both the locals and the foreign tourists. Experience the beautiful scenery of the beach with your loved ones. The staffs of the resort are very trained with the service they offer.




  • Entrance Fee                 P150.00/head
  • Picnic Hut                       P800.00
  • Beach Shed                     P4,500.00
  • Clubhouse Sundeck    P8,000.00
  • Pavillion                           P7,000.00
  • Clubhouse Area            P18,000.00



  • Bar area
  • Clubhouse (2-storey)
  • Dining area
  • Gaming area
  • Souvenir stire
  • picnic ground
  • Sundeck area
  • Water sports activities


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on Jul 03, 2011

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  • Ben P.Lojo

    How much is entrance fee.Bringing of foods allowed inside?

  • JJ

    The most terrible place in the stretch of Laiya. No Service and very expensive. No Service at all! Pricey! 7,000 a night and we had to clean our room and bathroom! Eating the same food in BF, L, and Dinner! Worst worst! Don’t ever go there!

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