Mahayahay Beach Resort, Argao, Cebu

Mahayahay Beach Resort, Argao, Cebu

The Mahayahay Beach is a nice sand beach and is a well-known place for its beauty in whole Cebu. The resort is just in front of the famous Mahayahay Beach. And even at high tide there is an opportunity to swim in our cool swimming pool.

A romantic and quiet place with clean and clear blue water as well as fresh air, that means Mahayahay Beach.

The Mahayahay Beach Resort exists since 1987. The Resort consists of three houses and offers accommodations for about 20 persons.

The Mahayahay Beach is a nice sand beach and well known for its beauty in whole Cebu. During north monsoon season (October to May) there is long headland and the wind comes from north-east. The water at the south beach is very calm during that time. The rainy season/south monsoon (June to September) is a stormy time. Strong wind and big waves attract many people from all over the Philippines for wave surfing, windsurfing and especially skim boarding.


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on Feb 15, 2010

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  • Clarissa villanueva


  • Pat

    What are room rates please at Mahayahay Beach Resort, Argao, Cebu?

    I will be there Feb. 10-25.

    Please where is your Website? Photos?

    Thank you very much.

  • Raymond

    The rooms are PHP 800 – 1000
    Dont let you fake!
    The Transport to the Market is P 7 per person.
    The transport to anything < 3 Kilometers is PHP 7
    (Bicycle PHP 5)
    Some are asking for PHP 50 per person!!!!!
    That is a fake!

  • Raymond

    That Mahayahay is BAD.

    They ask me P 100 entrance – even I want only drink some beers.
    Normally a customer is for free here.
    The man ask me P40, at the menu its P35.
    The Girl ask me P35 for the same SMB.

    They fake any foreigners!

  • Tony

    May I have the contact number or celfon number of Mahayahay Beach? Pls

  • Jane smith

    How much will be the rates for the rooms? please reply! thanks

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