Mount Data Lodge, Mt. Province

Mount Data Lodge, Mt. Province

The Mount Data region, about 100 km north of Baguio, form part of the Mt. Province. It is a relief to arrived at the Mount Data Lodge after an exhausting 4-hour journey from Baguio or the 2-1/2 hour drive from Bontoc. The pat is extremely rocky, and its prone to frequent landslides.

Mount Data Lodge is a long, single-story building, pleasantly set amid a pine forest, perched on a mountain 2,200 meters in altitude. Mount Data Lodge has the atmosphere of a mountain retreat and because it is rarely fully booked, the welcome is warm and attentive. The hotel was repainted recently.

A paneled corridor links the 22 rooms, some of which have balconies with a view either of the parking lot, or more pleasantly, of the pine forest. The rooms are spacious with light pinewood walls. The small adjoining bathrooms are tiled in white and have hot water You might need it as the nights can get quite cold. You will also certainly appreciate the warm blankets on the beds.

A huge room, dominated by a double fireplace, functions as a restaurant and a lounge area. In the evening, it is good to snuggle in the sofa near the lighted fireplace. The bar, completely made of wood, is just alongside. The restaurant is pleasant with large bay windows looking out onto the pine forests. There is also a small separate room where you can watch television.

Mount Data is generally more of a stopover rather than a destination, but you can spend a day without getting bored. Some walks around the area are interesting, notably Mount Data plateau, where you can have a beautiful view of the mountain sides studded with vegetable gardens.

How to get there

By land (12 hours) 250 km away from Manila via Kennon Road. Victory Liner has a terminal in Pasay City along EDSA for hourly departures in the morning. By car, take North Expressway at Balintawak and get off at Dau exit. Pass by Tarlac, Urdaneta and Pozorrubio. Before reaching Rosario, take the junction to Baguio (Kennon Rd.). From Baguio it is a 4-hour drive on a dirt road, very rocky with frequent landslides. The funny thing is that the road’s name is Halsema Highway!

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