NatGeo confirms Lolong as the Biggest Saltwater Crocs

NatGeo confirms Lolong as the Biggest Saltwater Crocs

National Geographic representatives led by Dr. Adam Briton confirmed Lolong as the world’s largest saltwater crocodile being captured.

The team arrived in the country last Wednesday for a documentary shoot and to measure Lolong. According to Dr. Briton, Lolong’s official measurement is 21 feet, once inch beat the previous record- holder from Australia named Cassius Clay measuring 18ft.

Dr. Briton will give the official measurements to Guinness. However, it takes six months before the Guinness World recognizes it. Once approved, Lolong is now the largest saltwater crocs in the world.

This means Lolong will become a celebrity crocodile around the world. Media followed Lolong from the day it was captured. In short time, it was the top story on Google and other online news sources.

Experts believed that Lolong’s popularity will increase the tourism to Agusan Marsh. In fact, it became the talk of the town when it was captured, and it makes a lot of cash (almost half-a-million pesos) from donations, entrance and parking fees at Bunawan Eco-Park, according to the Bunawan mayor Edwin Elorde.

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