10 New Rules to Preserve Enchanted River

The temporary closure of the Enchanted River has resulted to quite a number of upset visitors and tourists of the beautiful site. The closure that was decided on by the Local Government of Hinatuan was done in order to prevent any further damages that have been caused by the number of unaware visitors to the Enchanted River. And it is to also let the river have a break from the people to give it time to recharge and refresh to let it naturally turn back to what it used to be.

And since the reopening of the Enchanted River to the public, the Local Government of Hinatuan has also created new rules that visitors must follow in order to preserve the beauty of the river and to not let it suffer the same situation that Lolong, the great crocodile, had experienced, dying from not being cared for properly.
The new set of rules and additional updates is below.

Swimming is not allowed in the Blue Lagoon itself

There is now a designated swimming area for visitors who wish to swim. The swimming area is only 10 meters away from the heart of the Blue Lagoon.

Life vest are now required to be worn

It  must be the prescribed vest even if you know how to swim. They also put some rope on the swimming area for you to hold-on.

Bringing of food is not allowed near the river

This is to prevent any trash from reaching the river, may it be intentional or non-intentional.

There are no more cottages near the river

They have been removed and replaced with at open cottage for all which can be found around 400 meters away from the heart of the lagoon. This is to prevent bystanders that may accidentally do any harm to the river.

Briefing is required before going to the river

This will only be around 3-5 minutes. It is to inform you of the basic dos and don’ts.6. To accommodate those who have drove all their way to see the magnificent Enchanted River; there are now new spacious parking areas available near the vicinity of the river.

Bigger  Parking Area

There are also cottages that are located near parking area and this is around 450 meters away from the river. This will accommodate those who wish to stay but in a more private space.

New Cottages

Since they removed all the closed cottages near the river, they transfer it near the parking area around 600 Mtrs from the River. They also built new CR.

New Shuttles

The Local Government of Hinatuan has also now provided more tourist service shuttle to lessen the stress and fatigue that will be experienced by visitors.

Fish Feeding Time at 3PM

A set schedule for fish feeding has been placed. It is now at 3:00PM every day. The fish feeding time must be respected in order to preserve the diverse fish species found in the river.

Additional Environmental Fee

Lastly, there will be an additional Php 20 Environmental fee on top of the Php 30 entrance fee. This is for future improvements and maintenance to be done in the river.

These rules are necessary and must be followed by all visitors with no exceptions. The Enchanted River is seen as a majestic and mystical place by locals and foreigners alike. It is only right to preserve a beauty such as this.

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  • Aping

    Hi! We’re planning to visit Enchanted River this summer. I just would like to clarify if there’s a specific time for tourists to take a dip in the blue lagoon? Or is it not allowed all throughout the day? Thank you.

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