Ocean Bay Beach Resort, Dalaguete, Cebu

Ocean Bay Beach Resort, Dalaguete, Cebu

Dalaguete got his name, according to folklore, when a group of spanish soldiers asked some woman, who were washing clothes under a giant dalakit tree, the name of the place who then answered “ Dalakit, Dalakit” From that day on this municipality was called Dalaguete.

Since then the municipality has grown in a bustling town with more than 50,000 inhabitants divided over 15,282 hectares and 33 Barangays.

Ocean Bay Beach Resort is a privately owned boutique beach resort situated on 4500 square meter of fore shore land, with a 120 meter long shoreline and an easy stroll away from the town centre with its historic church and buildings.


The gazebo is good for around 36 people where breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served per a la carte menu. The local beer here cost 35 PHP only.

The Pool has a roof to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. There is a spa and children’s area. On one side the pool is 2.40 meters deep and can be used for diving instructions. There are swim jets for the sports people under the guest and the whole pool is fenced off.

The conference room can seat 36 people comfortable. There are bar facilities and a small kitchen from where guests can be served. On request, the resort can supply a simple sound system, overhead projector, lectern, etc.

There are 3 different area’s where the guest can prepare their own food. The resort can provide a stove for a fee of PHP 100.00 (US $ 2.00). Additional corkage will be charged for groups. The main barbeque area can seat 16 people comfortably and has it’s own wash basin.

The resort is happy to offer, quote and co-ordinate any banquet facilities that might be required for events like

The Gift shop carries some souvenirs and personal use items. It also houses our collection of video’s that can be borrowed and watched in the rooms. (DVD players are available for rent at the front desk)

Rental of cars, with or without driver, are available upon request but needs 2 days notice. Airport pick up and drop off can be organized for a fee and have to be booked in advance. The resort is about 2 hours away from the Mactan International Airport.


All rooms have there own air-conditioning system, bathroom with toilet and shower, and a terrace facing the ocean (Bohol Straight).

The standard room has 2 beds or a double bed, it has a TV with local channels, a refrigerator, a cloth cabinet and a bathroom where the shower has hot and cold water. Outside is a terrace facing the ocean and pool.

The studio room is like the standard room with more space and a small kitchenette.

The 1 bedroom family unit has a living room, small kitchen, and a bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The living room has chairs coffee table and tv. The kitchen has a refrigerator and the bedroom has air-conditioning.

The 2 bedroom family units have a living room, small kitchen, and two bedrooms with ensuite bathroom. The living room has chairs coffee table and tv. The kitchen has a refrigerator and the bedrooms have air-conditioning.

The Captains Room have a more luxurious layout, with a double bed and a single bed, desk, cloth cabinet, safety box, TV with satellite connection, split system air-conditioning, refrigerator, hot & cold water, a bathroom with double spa-bath (Jacuzzi) and shower. Outside is a private terrace facing the ocean.




Room Type                                                  Single                          Double                      Extra

  • Standard Room A                  850.00 Php             1,050.00 Php            200.00 Php
  • Standard Room B                  1,200.00 Php          1,400.00 Php            200.00 Php
  • Studio Room                           1,300.00 Php          1,500.00 Php            200.00 Php
  • Captains Room                       2,800.00 Php         3,000.00 Php            200.00 Php
  • Family 3 Bedroom (6 pax)                –                     2,800.00 Php            200.00 Php
  • Family 2 Bedroom (4 pax)                –                     2,400.00 Php            200.00 Php
  • Family 1 Bedroom (2 pax)                –                     1,500.00 Php             200.00 Php


*The more rooms / the longer you stay the bigger discounts you get.

  • stove rental                   –      100.00  Php
  • local beer                       –       35.00 Php

Motor Bangka Rental:

  • First hour                     –          1,000.00 Php
  • Additional hour         –          500.00 Php

Rowing Boat rental

  • First Hour                     –          250.00 Php
  • Additional hour         –          125.00 Php


Amenities & Services:

  • snorkeling
  • diving
  • boating
  • tours
  • video-k and bar at the gazebo
  • swimming pool
  • conference room
  • barbeque area
  • banquet facilities
  • gift shop
  • car service

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  • Rr

    How much is the entrance fee?

  • Bob

    Me and my wife just spent overnight but it “SUCKS”.. The service, the accomodation, everything.. very bad.. I won’t come back here ever and I couldn’t recommend this place. 🙁

  • Anton

    Room prices will depend on the room type.

    Standard Room A- P1050 (2pax)
    Standard Room B- P1400 (2pax)
    Studio Room- P1500 (2pax)
    Captains Room- P3200 (3pax)

  • Arniel

    how much your room prices per day,per 3 days or per week..thanks

  • Anton

    This is a very nice place to relax and chill… I would recommend this resort to everyone:) love the place

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