Peoples Park, Davao City

Peoples Park, Davao City

If there is a place where people could get a sneak preview of what Davao City is like, then that would be the People’s Park. Situated in the very heart of Davao is a free park available for everybody to enjoy. It is a favorite place for joggers, family outings and hangout for teenagers. There are a lot of reasons why the place look like a small miniature of Davao City. For one it is very clean. It must be one of the few public places in the country that is free of litter. This is the reason why the place is very ideal for people who just want to relax. Secondly, it has carefully taken care of pines and trees that reflect so much the still-rich mountains of the green city of Davao. The place is indeed perfectly situated in the middle of the busy streets of city as it offers a simple retreat for those who have had enough of their tiring day at work.


  • No Entrance Fee


Amenities & Services:

  • mini-forest
  • interactive fountains
  • waterfalls and ponds
  • a kid’s toyland
  • large sculptures representing indigenous groups in Southern Mindanao and the Philippine eagle

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