Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort, Lobo, Batangas

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort, Lobo, Batangas

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort has a variety of accommodations for vacationers too choose from at reasonable prices. Guest can even opt to a tent accommodation for a more adventurous outing. And for large groups or corporate outings a 2 – level open pavilion can be rented out.

The beach in Malabrigo however has a different characteristic. The shorelines are filled with pebble stones of different sizes, which makes the water clear. According to Mr. Evangelista the stones are carried to the shoreline during the monsoon months. However, the stones are not the rough ones.

Guest are allowed to bring in food and drinks inside the resort. On the other hand visitors who wish to have their food served by the resort, have to advice the management in advance. This will benefit travelers who are in a budget break.

The shoreline stretch where your eyes can see, there were hammocks outside each duplex, billiard table, a place for volleyball, you can have a tent set up, there’s a 2 floor function hall, each duplex has a dining place with mosquito net, cooking place and place to wash your dishes. The rooms are newly painted, bed was not firm but they gave us fresh linen, the toilet and bath was small but well maintained.

We didn’t bring any food expecting the resort have a restaurant, they told us that we have to tell them in advance so they can prepare food for us. But the owner let her niece come with us to the market in Lobo town, which is around 15 minutes by car, to buy fresh catch of the day and they will cook it for a minimal fee. We have been billed a total of PhP 1870 for the room PhP 1, 500 and cooking, rice, and water i think that we consume during our overnight stay. I say it’s cheap!

The beach has an entire stretch of stones and not sand. The first time we swam was like 5pm and waves were really big mainly because it was raining that day and we couldn’t really see fishes in the water. At night, we set up our grill and roasted some hotdogs and marsmallows other campers set up a bonfire near the beach. We had a better luck the next day as we were able to snorkle and see schools of fish.

And for those who would like to catch a glimpse of the century-old Spanish lighthouse Cape Malabrigo, it is just a stone throw away from the resort.

A relaxing experience!

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  • Fe panti

    pls. contact me 09228749659 for reservation

  • Grace cruz

    please send your contact number for inquiries, updated pictures or website, room rates and accomodation. thank you!

  • Tj villapando

    pls give us your contact number for inquiries and another website to see more pics of the resort. tnx and God bless!

  • Guest

    grabe ganda ng place punta na kayo.These place is so relaxing. I never forget after playing dota with my co workers past midnight waiting for others in makati for rendezvous… hahah im so excited to see the actual place and feel the warm and sunny beach. as i expected its really great and relaxing. nakaka alis ng pagod. tapos mag dive pa kayo malapit sa coral sanctuary. super sulet. kahit na nakakatakot ang daan dahil matarik…. kapalit naman ang ganda ng place.

    • Cj

      magkano po entrance fee at cottages kung meron tnx

  • Janette

    oh man..i knew that picture (d’ front beach pic.) of that above article about the resort. That picture was taken 3 years ago..it was our company’s team building.These place is so relaxing.Who will forget when every body got drunk and there were alots of fun and laughter..I love these place!!!

  • Reinne

    Is it advisable to go there by commuting from Manila?How long will it take to get there?thanks!

  • Zeil calejesan

    i am planning of a family beach vacation this april (overnyt). pls send me ur contact number and whom 2 talk to. tnx

  • JuZtine poserio

    sO exCitEd…we WiLL go tHEre tOmmoRow aFteRnun…

  • Tris

    You forgot to mention the dolphin run everyday. At around 10 AM, there would be a pod (family) of dolphins, approximately 100-200 meters from shore. They could be Spinner Dolphins, because you would see them doing jumps and backflips.

  • Sharina evangelista

    umh…if you want to go to punta malabrigo beach resort, you may call my auntie ms.emelyn evangelista(one of the niece of the owner),this is her #09165588487/09273045415 for reservation and/or for assistance…thanks! hope you’ll come and enjoy in that place..i’ll assure you that it’s very beautiful and relaxing place for you and for your family and friends..

  • Jackie

    do you have contact number? i’m planning a vacation there together with some friends but, i don’t know whom to make reservations & ask for details.

  • Mariss roque

    do we have to make a reservation before going topunta malabrigo beach resort? may i ask for the contact numbers of the beach resort? thank you.

  • Medz Cajanding

    Wonderful place. We just hope they will finish the road soon, to encourage even more tourists to visit. Lobo is good for trekking, the road is all zigzaggy and the view along the way is fabulous.
    They have good, fresh food. Lots of tamarind sweets, tamarind wine, and other delicacies and the people are very friendly, too.
    On the other side of the bay is San Juan.
    For information and assistance, you may get in touch with the Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

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