Punta Riviera Del Mar Resort, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Punta Riviera Del Mar Resort, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Punta Riviera Del Mar Resort is uniquely located at the estuary of the Ilog Marino river view from the elevated sea frontage embraces a stunning marine ecology with constant, natural air conditioning from incoming cool sea breeze as frothy turquoise waves crash onto the edge of the coral fringe only 100 meters away.

Such natural environments are forever changing as tides come and go, the river rises, falls and twists and shade from the coconut trees create a moving visual feast of textured patterns on the resort’s lawn.

To the right, a deep mangrove fringed river can be seen where frogs, crabs and iguanas thrive and bangus are harvested. Harvesting and farming bangus frie is a popular local activity much appreciated by guests.

The adjacent beach area provides multiple attractions whether of an athletc
nature, fishing, shell and coral collecting or just plain strolling and
enjoy the scenery.

The pool is a slightly popular area for activity and cooling off during the relentless hot Philippine days. At dusk however, the pool takes on another face bringing out the hidden thoughts. This is a time for reflection and philosophizing. The pool provides a unique windows of opportunity to look into infinity.

Sunrise at Punta Riviera is the coolest, clearest time of the day. It is the best time for a stroll in the plantation to appreciate the timeless poetry of nature and the contrasting features f the surrounding environment. At night, the sun sets on the resort’s infinite horizon with an awesome kalediscope of color.

Morning rush-hour traffic as viewed from the resort’s balcony is guaranteed to be both light and tolerable.

How to Get There

Punta Riviera Del Mar Resort is an upmarket family resort located in the heart of Luzon Island to the North of Manila facing westwards towards the South China Sea. It is reached by road. For overseas guests visiting Philippines for the first time we recommend car + driver hire from one of the reputable firms at Manila or Clark Airports or by bus.

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