Ravenala Beach Bungalows, Moalboal, Cebu

Ravenala Beach Bungalows, Moalboal, Cebu

This charming little resort gets its name from the Latin for the travelers’ tree “ravenala.” It is tucked away on the magnificent white sands of White Beach, 15 minutes from the famous Panagsama Beach of Moalboal. It blends all the necessary elements that guarantee a relaxing holiday: privacy, a pleasant architecture, a beautiful landscaped garden, crystal clear waters and a superb 50-meter deep ridge running parallel to the shore. Even children can swim here in complete safety.

You are warmly greeted upon arrival by the resort’s owners: Eddie, a Dutchman and Teresita, a Filipina. When they constructed the resort a few of years ago, the owners were also its architects and landscape artists. Passionately fond of their property, they were pioneers in developing diving in the Philippines over 20 years ago and have trained instructors who have now settled in the region. Concerned about environmental protection, they will tell you about the damage wreaked by the terrible typhoon that swept through the beach of Panagsama in 1984, the return of the whale sharks were mercilessly massacred on Pamalican Island and the absolute necessity of eliminating the starfish with poisoned spikes that devour the corals.

The rooms are in two big bungalows apposite each other, perpendicular to the beach. These have been designed, furnished and decorated by the owner and have a comfortable “cottage atmosphere.” They have imposing nipa rooftops, stone walls, and many semi-octagonal lattice windows. Two rooms have more recently been added, facing the beach and especially suitable for children.

The guestrooms on the ground floor have neat and harmonious interiors, with pink and green as he main colors. The furnishings include an imposing bamboo bed with a brightly colored floral bed covers, armchairs and low tables. Beside lamps, mirrors and cone-shaped hats complete the decor. Deck chairs on the terrace invite you to relax, while you enjoy the breeze.

A lovely stone staircase on the outside leads to the apartments on the upper floors meant to accommodate close friends.

The restaurant is very well ventilated — a magnificent, octagonal, bamboo structure from a stone pillar in the center. The food is delicious. In the evening, you will see in the distant dark horizon a chain of lights formed by the countless tiny lamps on the fishing boats out at the sea.

How to get there

By air and land, 75-minute daily flights on Air Philippines Cebu Pacific, Asian Spirit or PAL from Manila to Cebu. 3 hours by car from Cebu Mactan Airport to the resort. Two possible routes: (1) through Carcar and Barili, and (2) through the Transcentral Highway which starts at Nivel Hills (the road going to Cebu Plaza Hotel) going to Busay Hills then to the mountain roads of Taptap, Sibugay and Catimpla.

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Teresita S. Schaap, Owner
Ravenala Beach Bungalows
Moalboal, Cebu Island
Tel: (63) 9173248680
Email: tsschaap@yahoo.com

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  • Kristina


    im planning to have an overnight stay at your resort, can you give me a quote on your rooms please? and if you have a restaurant menu as well.

    thanks in advance!

  • Angel Daitol


    Can u send me via email your room rates and room amenities if possible. Planning to stay for 2 nights on the second week of november.

  • Drake Cataluna

    Can you email me please your room rates. Thank you. Planning to reserve a room and stay their with friends this month.

  • Jasmin fernandez

    hi i’d like to ask if how much is your family room? because we would like to reserve for 2 family rooms and how many pax can accomodate. is it possible if we can cook and if you have a refrigerator? thanks. can u give me a feedback within the day? we are planning to go there on may 30-31.

  • Jade Suliano

    Hi please give me quotation of overnight stay, more or less 15 persons, thank you…

  • Charlene Hermoso


    i am planning to have a small beach wedding with 30 guests
    and am currently looking for a venue for the ceremony and reception.
    therefore i would like to know the rates for the location at your resort for
    this event.
    hope to hear from you soon.


    Charlene Hermoso

  • Liza Capati

    Hi! can you please email me your rates. 3 days 2 nights. also how much is your entrance if its not overnight stay. Date:March 05-08

  • Kyle

    Hi! were planning to have a overnight stay this coming Dec 6 & 7 2009 (2 persons). I’m wondering what are the prices for an overnight stay? Thanks!

  • Salud

    hi, can you please email me the prices [Philippine currency] of your rooms. thanks.

  • Bianchi Elvezio

    we look a bungalow for the time from the 18/12/09 to the of 14/01/2010

    we are a family with 3 children 1 jahr / 5 years and 9 years

    the bungalow should have two bedrooms.

    I Thank to them and Remaining e.bianchi

  • anabelle

    BY the way, I posted my inquiry but forgot to mention I need a family room…
    thanks again.anabelle

  • anabelle

    How much you charge per month. I would like to get a place to stay for a month or two with aircondition. Give me price in Philippines peso.Thanks.

  • Beth

    Hi, is there any available room on nov2-3? Family room that can accommodate 4-5 adults. Please send us your feedback the soonest (thru email).

    Waiting for your kind reply


  • Shey

    Hi, how much is the accomodation for two from Oct 25-26?

  • Steve

    How much single room for 3 nights from Aug 18 or 4 nights from 17 if free airport transfer Thanks

  • Jacqueline Makabenta


    How much is your accomodation for 2 on july 18-19 overnight stay…how to get to your resort from barili?

    Appreciate a prompt reply on this..any number i can call?


  • Hyunjeong


    I want to stay in moalboal (Aug 29~ Sep6)
    Can you send me more information about your resort and price?

    I’m greatly thankful if you can reply me as soon as possible.

  • Marialuisa

    hi!I’m from italy,i want to stay in moalboal,can you send me more information about your resort and price?i’m greatly thankful if you can reply me as soon as possible.grazie!!!

  • Alexis Yap


    My name is Alexis from Cebu City. I would like to inquire about getting two rooms for overnight stay at your resort on May 13, 2009.

    Is there a number I can call? I would like to speak with a person if it’s possible. Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Shaun macloughlin

    I am interested in staying with you for a few nights this Tuesday 5th May – to swim, write and relax – have you accomodation please and how much do you charge? I am a single man.

  • Karen geronimo

    Hi…can u mail ur rates to me. family of 5 (family room), how much would it cost, from may 30-june01, 2009? please send your reply as soon as possible. thank you very much.

  • Craig Howe

    Can I book a bungalow for the 7 May 09 , can you tell me how many peso please..Thank you ..Craig Howe

  • Norrie elder

    hi need a price please for 3 nights jan13,14,15.2adults 2children 14and12 both girls.i am from scotland wife from cebu we live in sydney australia.thanks for your help

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