Review: Marianne Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

The province of Palawan still retains its spot as the country’s top tourist destination and for good reasons. As a host to come of the country’s finest tourist destinations such as the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Palawan truly is a place to visit for any wild travellers out there, even to those who just wanted a refreshing experience with nature.

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The Marianne Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is still a relative newcomer in its line of business. With just a 5-minutes travel time from the nearby airport, getting to Marianne Hotel is fastest if you have your own personal ride for it, otherwise a public transport could easily take you there.Puerto-Princesa-8766

From the exterior, one would easily find the structure of the hotel to be of recent built for its quality and designs. While the outside does not disappoint as far as aesthetics, the inside may just be as good for its neatness and simple designs. It may not be spacey, however.

If you have a car or some kind of personal ride as you get into the area, there is an allocated parking space for client’s to park their cars.


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Marianne Hotel is a boutique hotel for having only 17 air-conditioned rooms for clients to rent for the day or two, all of which has a private bath of hot and cold showers. For a hotel capable only of accommodating 17 unique individuals, pairs, or groups, Marianne Hotel may not be as big as some people may perceive of it, however is decently spaced from the interior.

Must be unique to the hotel, it was said that the building was built with a special kind of wood central to the overall design which is said to maintain a relatively cooler environment inside the place even during the summer.

But just like any welcoming establishments you would find in Palawan, the Marianne Hotel does not fall short of its welcoming staffs to greet you as you enter the vicinity. First-time guests of the area may find the greeting a little too warming at times.

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However, as an inn, the main highlight of the place are its rooms. As what you would expect from a hotel that littles in space and size, each room you could rent as a single person, a pair, or a group are not as spacious which may be an issue for some. With that not being an issue, however, the place is neat and comfy enough for people to relax and sleep in for the night.

Aside from its cozy ambiance, they also offer wide variety of delicious foods.

Those who wanted to get familiar of the nearby places may find that the hotel is strategically placed towards the Baywalk and the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, both of which are just 10 minutes of tricycle ride  from the hotel. Otherwise, a pool within the vicinity may freshen you from your day’s journey before hitting the bed or at any given time of the day

All-in-all, apart from the visually appealing decency of the designs which makes Marianne Hotel a good place to stay for anybody, it is probably also best liked for its location which gives customers the peace and quiet for a relaxing rest as well as the foods which fills the tummy. Most importantly, however, the rent is very affordable which even a person with a tight budget can get to.

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