Ridge Brooke, Bontoc, Mt. Province

Ridge Brooke, Bontoc, Mt. Province

There are no appealing hotel in Bontoc, only small establishments offering basic amenities. Ridge Brooke, the best in its category, is a small unpretentious hotel and spruced up in its own way. Moreover its owners are pleasant and attentive.

The hotel is a 4-story building at the entrance to Bontoc, just after the bridge, if you are coming from Banaue. It is therefore more quiet than the other establishments in town, although the rooms are not soundproof. There is a small parking lot just in front.

The welcome here is warm and homey. The small reception area with its marble flooring and ligt pine walls has an air of welcome although its decor is debatable: walls painted in pale green; plastic chairs and tables. The area also serves as a restaurant and you can see the well-equipped kitchen from the little service window. A small television set and a music system are installed in a corner.

The 12 rooms comprising the hotel are in two floors. Though furnished simply, there are clean and bright. The view of the faraway mountains is not unpleasant. Only one of the rooms has its own bathroom. The others share two bathrooms per floor – one for men, the other for women. Only the latter has hot water, but it is possible to negotiate the sharing of the bathrooms with your neighbor.

Each floor is provided with a small, well-lit common terrace, equipped with tables and chairs. Her, you can enjoy a drink in the evenings.

How to get there

From Banaue 2.5 hours in fairly good weather but during the rainy season, you need a 4WD. Check the condition of the road with Banaue Hotel or the tourist office of Baguio.

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