Sagada Rice Terraces

Sagada, Mountain Province Travel Guide

Sagada Rice Terraces

Photoby: Gino Mempin

Sagada is one of the most popular municipalities of Mountain Province. It’s near Bontoc which is also a great place for tourists who love nature. There are many reasons why people go to Sagada, Mountain Province but the most popular reason is to go trekking and by exploring the hidden caves and be mesmerized by their breathtaking waterfalls. You can even see hanging coffins which was an old tradition of the locals here that bury their dead in this manner.

How to reach Sagada, Mountain Province?

Sagada, Mountain Province is 275 kilometers away from Manila and it is 140 kilometers away from Baguio. When you are already in Baguio City then going to Sagada, Mountain Province would take roughly about 8 hours. That’s because of the condition of the roads that will take you there so don’t expect to enjoy 60 kilometers/hour driving in these roads.

Don’t expect to find an airport near the area as the nearest airport is found in Clark, Pampanga which is still many hours away. It would be exhausting and expensive to drive your way to Sagada so the best way to reach this place is by public transportation or by taking tour packages that are inclusive of round trips to and from Sagada. Make sure to be prepared with the zigzag roads as that can make you feel dizzy.

Sumaguing Cave / Photo by: Jojo Nicdao

Where to stay in Sagada?

There are a number of lodging houses, inns and hotels in Sagada, Mountain Province to choose from. The rates are low and you get all the comforts you’d need. Though this is a mountainous area, you’d be amazed that rooms are air-conditioned and you can enjoy the Cable TV, wi-fi and a strong mobile signal.

Here are just a few of the places you can stay in when you’re in Sagada.

Alibama Inn, A-7 House, Alfredo’s Inn, Billy’s House, Gecko Inn, Ganduyan Inn, Homestay Transient, Green House, Kanip-Aw, Olahbinan, Rocky Valley Inn, Residential Lodge, Saint Joseph and Sagada Guest House. You can find an accommodation for as low as P250 a night per person. You won’t have a hard time finding a place to stay in Sagada. You don’t even need to book early on (unless it’s during the peak season) to get a place to stay. Just like in Baguio, you can easily find a hotel or an inn or lodge that will be so happy to accommodate you. They value their tourism industry and they know tourists come here and need a place to stay (considering the long hours of travel just to get there) and they are well prepared for the tourists flocking in each day.

Bomod-ok Falls / Photo by: Gino Mempin

Important things to bring on your trip to Sagada, Mountain Province

Bring enough cash and a bit of extra when you travel here. Don’t expect to find ATMs nearby as the only ATM you can find so far is found in their town hall which is not always reliable. It can go off-line and if you don’t have enough cash that will make your trip quite unpleasant.

The temperature in Sagada can go up and down so it’s best to bring sun block and a sweater or jacket. If you’d be trekking, it would be best if you bring some bug repellent with you as there could be some insects that might bite you. Most importantly, bring a medicine kit. You don’t want to get into accidents but when you do it’s best to come prepared.

Bring your other necessities such as a flashlight, batteries, food, flip-flops, towels and phone.

Where to eat in Sagada?

You might think that a town like Sagada won’t necessarily have great dining venues but you’d be surprised. This place loves their tourists thus there are several restaurants serving delicious cuisines for local and foreign tourists alike. There are world-class restaurants here that will surely make your mouth water with their delicious foods. Here are just some of the well known restaurants in Sagada, Mountain Province.

Log Cabin- its chef is a French chef who decided to live in Sagada. The interiors make it look like a log cabin indeed and it makes you feel warm and cozy. The chef had worked in several countries already and he brought his knowledge of several cuisines into his restaurant. Make sure to make reservations as it can get busy especially during special days.

Salt and Pepper Diner is another popular restaurant in Sagada. You’d be amazed to know that this diner is actually housed in the oldest house found in Sagada. Here you can find meals that are easy on the budget and the foods are really delicious. Usually, their menu is of Filipino cuisine. Diet must be thrown out before you eat here as you’ll surely leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

Hanging Coffin /Photo by yeowatzup

Tourist destinations in Sagada, Mountain Province

The Sagada Rice Terraces are breathtaking and it’s worth a visit. You’d see how the natives had painstakingly built these rice terraces so they could make use of the mountain to plant vegetation to feed them. It’s not as huge as the Banawe rice terraces but it surely is the next best thing.

Bomod-ok Falls are great and many tourists visit this falls for picture-taking and to just be amazed at its natural beauty.

Caves in Sagada are very popular and one of the popular caves is the Samaguing Cave.

Sagada Hanging Coffins are also quite popular especially for tourists who are not afraid to get a closer look at these coffins with real human remains inside.

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