Samal Island Beach Resorts Contact Numbers and Person

Samal Island Beach Resorts Contact Numbers and Person

List of contact number and contact person in all Beach Resorts in Samal. For beach resort s owner please notify us if you have updated your contact number.

Name Position Phone Fax
Babusanta Beach Resort staff None 0919-2398308
Llanos Beach Resort Mr. Llanos None 0927-9923317
Mayumi Disney Sea and Beach Resort staff 0916-7189779 0921-6815812
Hof Gorei Beach Resort staff 082-2860238 0918-6096966
Bluejaz Beach Resort staff 082-3028411 082-3031117
Rocky Beach Resort Judah Natividad 0919-2732632 0905-3899766
Millenium Beach Resort staff 0910-7889991 None
Sonrisa de V Palm Hill and Beach Resort staff 082-3030709 0927-8785293
Rainbow Breeze Resort staff 082-3033148 0916-7977939
Caliclic Beach Resort staff 0906-8314694 None
El Magic Beach Resort staff 0920-2293310 None
Marex Villarica Beach Resort Marex Office 0918-9198964 None
Samal Seaside Resort staff 0922-8182323 None
Maxima The House Above the Sea staff 082-2712626 082-2861055
Anamarina Resort staff On Site
Monina Garden Resort staff 082-3014068 None
La Vida Orchard staff 082-3014444 None
Mahan Garden Resort staff 082-2962187 0917-5496352
Pacific Little Secret Ms. Betbet Pichon 082-2351325 0917-7477637
Fernandez Beach Resort staff 082-2860118 0916-4013168
Dayang Beach Resort Malou None 0921-3070367
Isla Beach Resort staff 0927-5049059 None
Samal Island Beach Park staff 082-2221585 None
Punta del Sol Beach Resort staff 084-3014018 082-3053838
Paradise Island Beach Resort staff 082-2230251 082-2342926
Kaputian Beach Park staff 082-2754793 None
Jim’s Island Beach Club, Inc. Mr. Jimmy Pe Benito 082-2242546 082-2212121
Isla Reta Beach Resort staff 082-2347903 0928-2141487
Holy Cross Beach & Tng Center staff 082-2219071 082-2219079
Gumoni Beach Resort staff 082-2220461 None
Costa Marina Beach Resort office 082-2331209 082-2330229
Coral Garden & Marine Park staff 082-2270963 082-2270964
Coco Beach Resort staff 0927-4325491 None
Chemas Garden Resort staff 0917-8140814 0917-7025832
Canibad Beach Resort staff On site None
Buenavista Island Resort staff 082-2961442 082-2992992
Budyong Beach Resort staff 082-2278574 None
Bluewaters Beach Resort staff 0919-3376987 084-3014075
Pearl Farm Beach Resort staff 082-2219970 082-2217729

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  • Mary

    number po ng sunset beach..tnx

  • Ana Villa Hendrix

    How about Secdea Beach Resort’ contact number? Thanks

  • Marietta Constantino

    What is the contact number of hagimit waterfalls?

  • Mae

    Pahingi nman no. Ng korakai…tnx

  • Lhove Salizon

    Ano poh contact# ng sunsetbeach resort reply asap..tnx

  • Chi


  • Joey septimo

    Secdea contact number please….

  • Ging

    Pls.send me kaputian beach resort contact no.plz tnx

  • myr

    -Sunset contact number! wala????????

  • Lelanie

    Ano po b contact # ng coracay beach?were planning to go there want to know more details

  • edmar fritz

    anu po ba ang contacts ng coracay beach resort plsssssssssssss .

  • Rovirlyn

    pde po bang mahingi ang contact no. ng seagrass at camp holiday beach resort ? tnx

  • Gina lumakang

    i need to know the sea grass contact number. do you have a restaurant w/ menu? can we bring food? hoe we get there?

  • Emily

    anu pong contact no. ng sunset beach resort?pls reply asap


    I need the exact number of KAPUTIAN.. di gumagana yang naka-post jan eh. ASAP lang . please. THANK YOU. or most probably kahit mobile. And then next time, post the exact and correct contacts of these resorts, pansin ko lang daming prob

  • john

    contact numbers or Seagrass and Mahan

  • Catherine

    penge naman ng number ng seagrass plz..?ty

  • romielyn

    nag bibigay kayo nang mga contacts WHO YOU naman po ang reply

  • Vilanculos Beach Chalets

    Good Morning from South Africa and Mozambique,
    I write to inquire if you list Beach accommodation in Mozambique Africa or in Brazil. Please access our webpage and we hope that you will accept an individual page or site listing .

    Kind Regards
    Robert Forrester
    Marketing Director

  • Geraldine caminade

    pahingi contact number sa camp holiday?

  • Melovelyrecto

    contact number of costa marina Resort please =)

  • Rhea

    Ano po contact number ng Camp Holiday?

  • HD

    Di po gumagana ang contact number ng Sonrisa. Is there any other way that we could contact the staff of the resort?

  • Jane

    ano po contact number ng sunset beach resort pls…

  • JEN

    seagrass pahingi ng contact number nyo asap. tanx

  • Nat

    * Entrance Fee
    o Adult- Php80(Day Tour) and Php 150 (Overnight)
    o Kids (3-11)- Php40(Day Tour) and Php 80 (Overnight)
    o Swimming Pool- Php 100
    * Others
    o Small Kubo (1-5 persons)- Php500(Day Tour)/Php750 (Overnight)
    o Medium Kubo (6-12 persons)- Php650(Day Tour)/Php1000 (Overnight)
    o Large Kubo (6-12 persons)- Php950(Day Tour)/Php1200 (Overnight)
    o Floating Kubo-Php1000(Day Tour)/Php1500 (Overnight)
    o Mini Function Hall(30-40 persons)-Php2000(Day Tour)/Php2500 (Overnight)
    o Duplex Room – Php2480
    o Tent Rental – Php250 to Php750
    o Canopy (Open tent with Tables and chairs) – P250 /li>

    Number pls.. my signal ba dyan?

  • Joel

    seagrass? wala ba kayong cellphone number na maibigay? poor!!!!

  • Shei

    ano contact number ng seagrass beach resort sa penaplata?

  • Kenny

    d poh gumagana ang telephone number ng kaputian…hahaiz..

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