Sanctuary Spa at Maya-Maya Reef Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

Sanctuary Spa at Maya-Maya Reef Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

Sanctuary Spa at Maya-Maya Reef Resort is located at Nasugbu, Batangas. Its just a few hours away from Metro Manila. If you are thinking of a fast getaway A perfect fun filled place for relaxing and unwinding experience. They have a clean surroundings for the guests to enjoy. The staff will readily serve you at their best. A perfect place for the lovers, honeymooners, family, and friends. An ideal place for corporate outings, celebrations, wedding, and reunions. Come and visit the resort to discover their uniqueness.




  • Superior Cottage             P3,000.00
  • Heavenly Scent                P7,250.00
  • Heavenly Sanctuary      P10,650.00



  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Recreational areas
  • Swimming pool
  • Al Fresco bar
  • relaxation lounge
  • Multi purpose room
  • WiFi


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By admin / Administrator, bbp_keymaster

on Jun 27, 2011

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Comments (8)

  • Pipper Smith

    I too have stayed at this resort at the invitation of the owner David Smith. As myself and partner are into swinging with different sexual partners. This invitation from David Smith was brilliant as himself and partner Cristina are likewise minded.

    They throw great swingers parties.

  • Michael Clancy

    I have stayed with my family at Maya Maya on a number of occasions. Compared to other resorts in the Batangas area, this resort is a haven. It is certainly not 5-star but neither is it a ‘dump’ as suggested by others. We have probably stayed there more than a dozen times over the years and would not have gone back had we not enjoyed ourselves. If you want fice-star luxury (and prices to match) go someplace else but if you are looking for a reasonably priced weekend escape from Manila, this is one of the better ones around.

  • Norman Gluck

    When the staff told me that they were not paid by the owner and were keeping the takings in lieu of wages I made sure to get a receipt. I have that receipt and am more than willing to offer it as proof of my stay.

    I also have pictures of the bed bug bites my wife and son had to endure.

  • Norman gluck

    The above comments are a compete lie, i and my family were indeed paying guests of the above resort and as such i stand by comments and opinion
    Yours Faithfully

    Norman Gluck

  • David R Stone

    Neither Neil Meaker nor Norman Gluck have ever been to Maya-Maya. I also suspect that “craig” is in the same category.

    Meaker and Gluck are known Internet trouble makers whose posts on various bulletin boards are known to be tarnished with exaggeration and falsehoods.

    If “craig” sees fit to contact me I will be happy to see what can be done to resolve his concerns.

    For the record the rooms are clean; all toilets are fully working and the restaurant area is renowned for the service as well as the clean and green ambiance.

    In summation this thread is an example of the abuse that such well-intentioned sites asre put to by Internet vandals.

    David R Stone
    Chairman & CEO

  • Norman gluck

    i too made the mistake of booking into this resort.

    The place is filthy, run down and should be condemned even by Philippine living standards.

    My wife and 2 year old son were covered in bed bug bites.

    i was informed by staff that the Australian owner is broke and cant even afford to pay his staff wages, hence the fact the staff keep all takings in lieu of wages.

  • Neil meaker

    This place is a absolute dump, the rooms are filthy, the pool was green,restaurant and eating areas are filthy, food is disgraceful as is the bar area, the Caucasian owner was more intent at leering at my teenage daughters than rectifying any of our complaints.

    the worst resort in luzon hands down, avoid at all costs

  • Craig

    We stayed at Maya Maya Reef Resort in November 2011. The only redeeming feature is the resort’s staff, who are pleasant and helpful. There is no spa, the pace is not clean, we were put into the only room at the pace that had a working toilet, the swimming pool is too dirty to use, and termites fell onto us and our children while we slept. The place should be closed until refurbished, and should not be taking reservations.

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