Tirol and Tirol Beach Resort, Boracay, Aklan

Tirol and Tirol Beach Resort, Boracay, Aklan

Tirol Beach Resort is one of the several original resorts of Boracay Island. Owned by different branches of Tirol family, this resort has been in operation since early 1980’s. Situated right in the center of Boracay, the resort is surrounded by different commercial establishments such as restaurants, banks and gift shops ready to cater to all your needs. The White Beach is just a minute walk away.

Tirol and Tirol Beach Resort is located in a wide area of the beach shaded by many coconut trees. It is right at the center of Boracay, at the edge of the pathway that runs along the White Beach. Named after its owners, it has been in operation for over 20 years. An unpretentious resort, it is a pleasant place where you can get good value for the money.

Apart from the two beachfront cottages, the rest are on each side of an enclosed garden perpendicular to the sea. The rooms are spacious and the garden, dotted with coconut trees, makes a pleasant and restful spot.

The Balinese-style nipa hut and bamboo cottages have an elegant look. Bamboo is used in many diverse forms: narrow slats for the terrace flooring, as railings with geometric motifs. Thicker bamboo poles are used for the walls, while thin strips of braided bamboo were used for the hammocks. You can choose between the individual cottages that are just right for one or two persons, or the more spacious rooms in the duplex cottages, ideal for families.

The interior design is simple and functional. The ceiling and walls are simply painted in white and brightened up with checked curtains. The floors and furniture are made of wood while the bathroom has ceramic tiles.

Tirol and Tirol does not have restaurant service but a light breakfast can be provided on the terraces, and you can always go to the neighboring Nigi Nigi Nu Noos ‘e’ Nu Noos Beach Resort for a generous breakfast. The resort has its own tennis courts and can also arrange banca rentals for your excursions.

How to get there

By air, land and sea, 55-minute daily flights on PAL or Cebu Pacific from Manila to Kalibo, 90 minutes by air-conditioned bus on Southwest Tours from Kalibo airport to Caticlan Jetty Port. Departures depend on flight schedules. 20 minutes by banca from Caticlan Jetty port to the resort.

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