Top 10 Activities in the Philippines During Rainy Season

Bade farewell to summer and say hello to the rainy days! The month of June usually marks the beginning of the rainy season in the Philippines but that doesn’t mean the enjoyment ends, because in the Philippines, the fun things to do never stops regardless of the climate. There are still a lot of perks to take pleasure during the rainy weather- airfare costs are usually the cheapest, resort and hotel rates are discounted, tourist spots are not crowded and prices of other commodities are usually more affordable too. Furthermore, if you look at the brighter side of things, the rainy season might just be the perfect time for you to spend more quality time with yourself and be one with nature.
So if you’re in for an out of the box vacation in this time of the year, here are some of the activities that you can experience and explore during the rainy season.


Surfing activities in the Philippines
The ideal time to enjoy surfing is actually during the rainy monsoon or the ‘habagat’ season. So if you are in for a nerve-wracking adventure, there are several surfing spots in the Philippines that you can check out such as Dahican Beach, Mati, Siargao Island, Baler, San Juan La Union, Pudpud of Ilocos Norte and a whole lot more. Just don’t forget to be cautious in trying this dangerous sport especially if you are not yet an expert in surfing.


host spring
During the cold weather, hot springs can be soothing and therapeutic especially for those who want to break free from the stressors of the city life. Take a refreshing swim in the various famous hot spring resorts all over the country like Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron Palawan, Mainit Hot Spring in Biliran, Ardent Hot Springs in Camiguin, Toyozu Hot Spring Resort in Nabunturan, Irosin Hot Spring in Sorsogon, Pansol Hot Springs in Laguna and the list goes on.


wake boarding
Wakeboarding is regarded as one of the fast-rising water-sports in the country lately especially for those who are thrill seekers. So even when there is heavy rainfall, all the more can you engage in this extreme kind of sport since wakeboard parks are usually positioned not so far from the city proper.
There are several regions in the Philippines to choose from where you can try wakeboarding: Deca Wakeboard Park in Davao City, Camsur WaterSports Complex in Camarines Sur, Republic Wakepark in Nuvali, Laguna, Clark Wakeboard Park in Pampanga and Lago del Oro in Calatagan, Batangas.


white water rafting
The rainier it gets, the more exciting it becomes to engage in extreme water sports such as water rafting, kayaking or tubing. During the rainy season, water levels become higher and water rapids become stronger thus, is more conducive for wild-water activities.

Among the places in the country which offer these sports activities are: River Rafting and Water Tubing in Magdalena, Laguna, White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro and Cagayan Valley, Water Tubing in Saranggani and Davao Wild Water Adventure in Davao City.

5. Food-trippingFood tripping

People from all walks of life can truly find joy in eating, so if you don’t have anything interesting in mind to do this rainy season you might want to consider food-tripping or restaurant-hopping. Philippines, is without a doubt considered as one of the finest countries to experience and taste a great combination of one-of-its-kind culinary, influenced by a rich fusion of cuisines from different countries.


The rainy season can be unavoidable so if you still want to sweat it out and be fit you may explore a great number of indoor sports activities such as basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, wall-climbing and even swimming in your favourite gym, hotel or resort.

7. STAYCATIONstaycation

Admit it, some of you would rather be involved in relaxation activities within your comfort zone such as in your own homes or anywhere just within short walking or driving distance during the rainy season. Making day tours to close by tourist spots, visiting local parks, staying at home or swimming in your village’s clubhouse is just one of activities that you can enjoy during a “staycation”.


mt apo
It may sound weird but hiking mountains during the light rainy days may actually be feasible as long as there is no danger of flash floods or a tropical storm. When the grounds are a bit wet for climbing, the trail can be more challenging and adventure-filled. So if you would like to do something cool and different during the rainy season then hiking is one of your alternatives.


Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the beach. For those who do not want to get the tan lines and the awful sunburns, it is highly recommended for you to go swimming in the beach of your choice when summer season is finally over. Moreover, if you want a more solemn time to reflect and just enjoy the cool breeze of the air and the calming sound of the waves, then the rainy season is really ideal since it is no longer the peak season for tourists.


If precious artefacts of the past fascinate you then museum hopping may tickle your interest during the rainy season. Museums don’t just showcase valuable works of arts but it actually narrates beautiful stories of its featured place, its people and its extraordinary way of life.


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