Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Visit Philippines

Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Visit Philippines

Every country has its own unique attributes that sets it apart from other countries. With Philippines, aside from the picturesque sceneries you’ll see in this blessed archipelago, it has more reasons why it should be visited. Here are some good reasons:


Filipinos are one of the world’s best people

Our culture being naturally friendly and hospitable makes the Philippines highly visited by tourists. It’s like you’re just in your own home because Filipinos make it sure that their visitors are very taken care of. The Filipinos always have the seat in the top list of the World’s Happiest People.

Beautiful beaches, mountains, landscapes and seascapes

The Philippines, of course is home to much paradiseName it; you’ll definitely see it here. Nature escapes vary from white sandy beaches to majestic waterfalls, mountainous terrains, vast plains, lush terraces, volcanoes and more. Not only is Philippines a great place for scenic spots, it also a home to many endangered species which include the Philippine Tarsier, Butandings, Philippine Eagle, Crocodiles, etc.

Sumptuous Foods

The Philippines also offers its tourist delicious cuisines and delicacies. Although it’s pretty good to eat at malls and restaurants, street foods are more of a bit challenging and incredibly yummy! The exotic foods in the Philippines are not to miss!

English in the country is pretty good.

The Philippines has been given recognition because of its great command of Business English. Such ability makes it easy for any tourist to get around the country. The Filipino’s ability to speak English although may not fluent to most, is because the language has been part of the curriculum even as early as pre-school.

Inexpensive Vacation Spots.

The country is one of Asia’s inexpensive tourist spot. From the accommodation, clothing, entertainment, food down to the haircut Philippine prices are lesser than a tenth cost than in Australia.

The Entertainment, Festivals and Parties

Any celebration in the Philippines is like a reason to celebrate so much. Festivals in the Philippines are the merriest, with lots of street dancing, exhibit fairs and many more. There are lots of foods and many gatherings everywhere. Even religious events are given importance and are all celebrated merrily.

Tropical Weather

Most of the tourists that visit the Philippines are of Western Origin. The sunny weather in the country makes it an ideal spot for tanning of these Caucasian beauties. Sunny days abound all throughout the year in the country.

 Diving Haven

The beaches in the Philippines are mostly paired with vast marine life. Under the crystal blue waters of the country are coral reefs that serve as home to many aquatic lives. The country has been proven to be the epicentre of Marine Biodiversity in the world. There are known 488 coral species found in the Philippines stretching to over 13,000 square miles.

Rich in Historical Sites

Being under the regime of many conquerors, Philippines is very rich in culture. Along with the culture are the remnants of the years gone by. A visit to any of these historical sites is like travelling back to the years gone by.

 Plenty of talented Filipinos

The Philippines is not only a home to many tourist spots, it is also the home to many talented Filipinos. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, a world-renowned boxer, Lea Salonga and Charice Pempengco are worldly acclaimed singers and many more. Pinoys pride themselves very much with these talented Filipinos.

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