Top 21 Reasons Why You Should Visit Davao

Discover the Top 21 Reasons why you should visit Davao and find out why there is no truthful basis to any of the false impressions made up against our much-loved Davao City.

Life is Here

Honest Taxi Drivers

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The instance you get out of Davao’s International Airport, you will be at peace knowing that you will never be robbed off by dishonest taxi drivers. All taxis are metered uniformly at 40 pesos flag rate without any hidden charges.

Coolest Mayor Mayor

Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is perhaps known to be the most influential and feared public official in Davao City because of his iron-fist but nonetheless, he has earned the respect of people may it be in the local, national and international scene because of how well he has beautifully- transformed the city and inspired his people through the years. Through his exceptional leadership, Davao City has maintained its peace and order, budding economical growth and most of all its disciplined, honest and law-abiding citizens.


Best Potable Water

One of the things that you will beyond doubt love in Davao is its clean and refreshing potable water. Davao City’s has a good source of tap water that has been tested thoroughly for its quality and was even looked upon as one of the best in the globe due to its premium taste, rich mineral content, purity and safety.

Excellent Response to Emergencies

Davao may be situated in the southern portion of the country but the city takes pride to be the only Asian city that has a well incorporated emergency response system comparable to United States and Canada. In addition to that, the service offered is completely for free and is absolutely covered by the local government. Central 911 immediately acts upon diverse emergencies such as police, medical, fire and natural calamities thus the city has been quoted as the most efficient Disaster Coordinating Council in the Philippines.

SafetyDavao crime index

Davao City is a very harmless and well-secured place to have fun, explore and experience the pristine beauty of nature, the city’s profound culture and friendly people. Safety is being considered as a very important advocacy in the city but despite that, some people, especially foreigners, are led to believe that just because Metro Davao is dotted in Mindanao, it is a dangerous place to visit. Don’t always believe what you hear or see in the news. Davao City is certainly far from the warzone areas of Mindanao.

Low Cost of Living

In Davao City, you get to enjoy the ultimate quality of life at a cost that will never hurt your budget. Almost everything is affordable in the city from fares to accommodation to food, and leisure.

Shopping sale

Plus did I mention, Davao has 2 SM malls, 1 Ayala Mall and 3 Gaisano Malls which offers mall SALES every now and then, so if shopping is your fad then you can enjoy it here too at very friendly prices.

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Comments (21)

  • Anonymous

    Only in Davao a foreigner respects city ordinances… We were in Samal Island when one white guy said at last I can smoke… made me smile… He joked with the waiter that it’s been days he hasn’t smoked because of Davao city’s ordinance…

  • Ramon D. Naguita

    Latest addition to Davao Fame; it is the Gateway to Mt Hamiguitan Wildlife and Mountain Range, the new Cultural Heritage, awarded 2014. It is home to the 300 plus hectares of Pgyme ( Bonsai ) Forest; Giant Water Pitcher Like Flower, Habitat to endangered Monkey Eating Eagle; Tarsier; Wild Deer and so many others. It is a Protected Land
    Area of more than 7,000 hectares of Forest Land.
    It is 3 from to San Isidro, Davao Oriental by land or approximately 2 hrs. Travel by boat.
    What other experienced you need in Davao City and Region;
    What to see a water falls with over a hundred steps alike water falls called Stairway to Heaven, it is in Cateel, Davao Oriental.

  • Lito

    I really have a great time staying in any part of Davao City. Its a great feeling knowing you feel safe at all times. I have been here (8) eight times, been to Samal, Peoples Park, Eden Nature’s Park, Jack Ridge and maybe I would love to see Mt Apo. It’s a great feeling to wonder and feel safe also the most important are the honesty of Taxi Drivers. Honesty is so important knowing the fact as you travel you won’t get a tour of the city before your destination, I Love this, I wish other cities would do the same, for the safety of a tourist who’s trip will be more pleasant and wanting to come back. Nice and clean too.

    Keep up the good work.
    See you soon.

  • Leuie duzon

    Ang pina ka Lami sa City of Davao ang mga prutas sama saging, pinya, durian Ug bulcachong Na Sud-an. I love Davao. From Ormoc City.

  • Kris

    My family migrated here 11 years ago, and all of us fell in love with the City. I have stayed in Metro Manila for quite sometime and although that city has its own vibe and allure, nothing can compare to what Davao can offer. Davao City’s economy is booming, schools, malls, buildings and real state properties sprouting everywhere and yet urban planning/zoning is still being followed. But what I am proudest most is the people and its leaders, the leaders do their job well and the people in return give their undying respect and support. But look around and you’ll see zero to a few structures, signs, and government vehicles that bear the political family names. Most are marked with “BY or FROM THE PEOPLE of DAVAO CITY”

  • Cocogal

    Davao resident Seaman R.G. is cheater! karma is a bitch!

  • Marion

    Married my hubby from davao and migrate there for 10 yrs well there is no place like is like Davao good food good friends and low cost of living.. we have everything in Davao no traffic good governance beaches and adventure…

  • Suzette

    There should be #22 pertaining to clean environment. 🙂

  • Ben Balaba

    Peace and order, cleanliness, excellent food, clean water, good places to visit, good, honest people…Davao’s got it. Keep it up.

  • Mark adrian

    i know where is the promised land and where to enter the next path of life

  • Lilian

    What is Great about Davao City is the Mayor,
    You can walk and go places without worry knowing there is someone name Rodrigo Duterte at your service.

  • Esther Belle

    I visited Davao for the first time last 2009 and
    said “This is the perfect place to live in”
    2011, I said, “wow,really,life is here”
    2014, Who would have thought that i was able to say; “Also,love is here”
    After 25 years of waiting,i met my first boyfriend. <3
    I love DAVAO.

  • Karl Koukal

    Yes, all of it is true, and i enjoy everything mentioned. But the 22. reason for me to go to Davao is my beloved fiancee, living in this magnificant city!

  • Arbab Bimbi

    I’m not from Davao, I just stayed there for over 6 years when I was in college. “ALMOST PERFECT CITY” for an average citizen like me. Happy people, good governance, cheap but quality living and safe. If I earned enough money I’d love to buy a property to Philippines’ safest city.

  • Rose garrido

    I agree! Davao has lots to offer! My sisters – in – law married Dabawenos, so we get to visit Davao, luckily. My cousins live there now too from other regions. Our stay is always memorable & fulfilling. What a beautiful clean peaceful & modern city it is. We will soon be back there again!

  • Annie Las

    Going to DAVAO CITY when I was a kid is a treat for us. My parents used to shopped in NCCC Mall to buy our school needs. Does it still exist? Btw, I am from North Cotabato and now living overseas.

  • Charity rabanes

    I mz dvo…evrytym uuwi me dyan my something new about dvo…ano nman kya un s pg uwi ko…yalla davao!

  • Ricardo Maulion

    I’mnot for Digoy for Pres. but I love Davao. Feel confident riding motorcycle there from CDO. Nice ang mga fruits and sinugba nga catfish sa dalan. Loves to go there back. Mabuhay and congrats!

  • Gerald Menefee

    I visited Davao for the first time last November 2013 and fell in love with the city! I felt as safe as if I was in my own home town in Texas. There are many differences, but each one is unique and interesting..the guards at the malls and hotels and other areas were a new experience for me, but I was very pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and courtesy which made going through the check points so smooth and confortable. The U.S. should really look at this and model its own security after it…courtesy and pleasantness can go hand in hand with securing a place. I still remember the fruits I had there…I almost cried tasting the delicious pineapple I had at Eden. I’m going back there in May. The people are wonderful and friendly. I can’t sing the praises enough

  • I grew up in Davao, relocated to Canada and finally retired in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. I have been away for more than half a century. I am longing to visit my roots. Looking at the improvements and the new changes in Davao, I very proud of the government as well as our fellow Davaowenyos in making our own province the way it is today. Let us all maintain its beauty, order and responsible government. Thank you, Mayor Duterte.

  • Chezka May

    Among the other Davao City must try adventures are: riding the Skycycle, River/Water Tubing (A fun way of flowing yourself into one of the rivers of Davao City), trying out the Waterball Park of Crocodile Farm Complex.

    And if you’re into nature, it is best to visit or stay at Malagos Garden Resort, or try one the best hinterlands resort of Davao City: Jive Highland Resort or you can also try the Seagull Mountain Resort. Both resorts, offer an exhilarating natural landscape view in an above sea level setting and has its own waterfalls and a Baguio City like atmosphere – a cold foggy weather.

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