Tubod Flowing Waters Resort, Minglanilla, Cebu

Welcome to a unique mountain spring resort in Cebu, Tubod Flowing Waters Resort. The place has been blessed with multiple natural springs (known as tubod in the Cebuano dialect) that had never dried down even during El Nino. The people in the area have bathed themselves in the coolness of these springs for generations.

We welcome you to a hearty catered meal, a refreshing plunge and a relaxing room accommodation. See for yourself some of the different indigenous birds of prey in the Philippines inside our bird sanctuary. Get the best Filipino service and hospitality while staying with us.

It’s a great place for weddings, seminars, birthday parties, business meetings, etc… Invite tourists, OFW, friends, business associates and experience the perfect getaway.

How To Get There

From the city going to South Coastal Road, it will take you 20 minutes to reach the place. Tubod Flowing Waters is famous in Upper Pakigne Minglanilla. Just infront of Los Companeros restaurant, there is a small road going to Upper Pakigne, just go straight. You can asl tricycle drivers in the area as well. The resort is about 1.5 km from the main road. You will pass by Spring Village.



Entrance Fee

  • Adults(2.20 USD)                        100.00Php
  • Children under 8(1.10 USD)    50.00Php

Room Rates

  • Standard Single-max of 2(24 USD)            1 200.00Php
  • Standard Family-max of 4(40 USD)          2 000.00Php
  • Deluxe Single w/ref-max of 2(32 USD)    1 600.00Php
  • Deluxe good for 3 w/ref(41 USD)               2 100.00Php
  • Deluxe family good  for 4(51 USD)            2 600.00Php
  • Deluxe family good  for 6(69 USD)            3 500.00Php
  • Deluxe family good  for 8(79 USD)           4 000.00Php
  • Excess person additional(7 USD)              350.00Php/person

Dormitory type

  • Good for 10 persons-aircon(69 USD)    3 500.00Php
  • Max of 20 people-excess                           350.00Php/person
  • Non-aircon for 10 persons(49 USD)      2 500.00Php

Function Rooms:

  • Tulip Function Room Max of 300 persons(79 USD)    4 000.00Php
  • Aster Function Room max of 150 persona(49 USD)    2 500.00Php


Amenities & Services:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Conference Halls
  • Cottages
  • Basketball Court
  • Outdoor billiard
  • Restaurant
  • Cave w/flowing Spring
  • Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Pool Slides
  • Grilling area
  • Food catering
  • Airport/seaport pickup
  • Grilling services
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Comments (32)

  • Rose Villaraso

    ask ko lang f mag avail me sa function hall nn.u magbayad bah me sa entrance sa mga guest???? I postively for ur response thank u/….

  • Yeppo Nikki

    How much is your entrance fee? Can we get a discount because we are about 100pax. Please advise. Thank you.

  • can i ask if how much if we stay there in your resort in just 1night? please answer..voz we will go there this coming beyond may or june….

  • Eric

    How much is the cost of ur cottages..?

  • Shiela tejedor

    hello.. can you tell me how much is the cottage?

  • How much is the rate of your cottage? We’ll be having our outing for the outgoing SSG OFFICERS. Maximum of 26. We’ll be going there this SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2013. Please answer this. As Soon As Possible. 🙂

  • Karen Mae Biasca

    Go0d day!!
    I just read ur bl0g. Still da same ra ghap0n ang mga ro0m rates? Ang mga functi0n r0om? What s written dr,walai nbag.o?? For using d functi0n r0om, do we stil ned 2 pay 4d entrance sa res0rt? Its an event 4my s0n, 1st birthday and d pe0ple nga mu atend mga maximum of 20,. Ok ra sa m0rning makasul0d ang designer para sa venue? And 4d preparati0ns? ky aftrn0on man magsug0d. Mgkuha pud ko ug r0om max10 pers0n..mybe d0rmitory ky para sa fmly ra, for 1night, naa pay entrance kat0ng 10pers0n nga mu stay sa r0om? And lastly,do u acept reservati0ns with payments? Para april 4 na xa nga event… Ds s my c0ntct number 09332530895
    thank you. Pls i need 2 reply asap .. G0D BLESS

  • Jet

    pwd po mag stay overnight??
    pls reply

  • Maribel aybo

    how much is the rate of your cottage?And how many people can accommodate each cottage?

  • gud a,m, kon mogamit sa function room, unya magdala lang ug kauga,ingon nga pagkaon pwede ba? pila ang charge sa bring in foods?

  • Nizey Cañete

    just wanna ask if may room po ba good for 10 persons, how much? yung medyo affordable lang.. kasi were planning to set a venue for our christmas party this coming dec.17&18, we stayed for 1 night and 1 day.. how much it’s the cost, can we bring food of our own??? kindly send me your direct contact # for inquiries… pls. feedback!.. Thanks

  • Mallyn pacquiao mitchell

    ilan po ba ang inyong cottage? at kasya po ba ang 1000+ katao/ magkano po intrance?



  • melicent

    how much the rate of cottage.how much per head.we have plan to come there this coming Saturday…pela d i kong mu stay in dha og 4day pila ang rate?

  • Jheantz

    i want to know the entrance rate and the rules in using the pools… are we allowed to bring some foods? please reply, thank you so much

  • Jose lou bacunawa

    how much /is the rent if we will stay in 2 in a half days in the condominium type ??/

    please answer ASAP 🙂

  • Janine

    how many rooms do you have all in all?.. and how many people can accommodate?

  • genafe bogan

    we are going on vacation soon, how much for 1 room 2 beds w/ kitchen? stay for 2 wks.

  • marissa

    hi can i ask hpw much is the cottages only a small cottages and how much is the entrance ?thanks its very nice there

  • Shaira

    how much the entrance??
    It so very nice i like it`!!

  • Alma

    how much is the rate of cottage for ten persons pls reply 🙂

  • Christine

    can i have ur contact no. please cuz i plan to reserve a room to stay for a week. tnx

  • Reynaldo segismar

    can you pls provide me some info on fucntion room rental and catering services for a b-day party of about 50 to 70 persons including children…thanks

  • Fatima

    how much is the cost for a birthday event place for 40 person? how much is price of your room?

  • Maribel

    How much is the rate of the cottage we dont stay there we just go there for 1 day. A simple cottage only how much is the rate?

  • Ronald weller

    Our church would like to bring approximatly 65 people for an activity at your resort. We would need on conference room. Can you tell me about how much this would cost? How much is entrance fee per person and how much for the conference room?


    Ron Weller
    Carcar city

  • Sarah Mae Orbeta

    how much is the rent for the room for two nights and the room that will be rent is airconditioned ? please answer 😀

  • Grothenberg

    nice place not so expensive , good for family and friends

  • Chrechen aying

    how much is the intrans and when we used the swimming pool

  • Hottie

    I really like the place, entrance is just $USD 2.50/person, you get to use the pool with slides, cottages ($USD 4 only). Cool , I can bring my own food with no corkage fee. I just love the place don’t need to budget when I am there. Hahaha Mabuhay Cebu !! Miss it

  • Cebu Pictures

    Tubod Flowing waters is probable the best resort in Southern Cebu. It is best for family and group gathering. There are also function room for wedding. It is 15km away from the City

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