Typhoon-devastated Philippines Gets Heartfelt and Out-pouring Support from All Over the Globe

Despite the fact that incidences of casualties, injuries, looting, hunger and desperation continue to rise after the Philippines has been struck by the record-breaking, strongest typhoon ever noted to hit in the entire history, our nation takes pride to carry on a fighting spirit that continues to toughen amidst all the adversities.

With all the overwhelming response aid that Philippines is getting both locally and internationally, the unimaginable situation after the typhoon in turn becomes more bearable and worth battling for, inspiring and transforming Filipinos to be more selfless and men and women for others more than ever.

Our country will forever be thankful and indebt for all the countries and nationalities from different walks of life, who amazingly went out of their way to get out from their comfort zones and extend their undying support for our typhoon-wrecked country. There has been an outburst of money pledges for medical aid, relief goods and repair and rebuilding of roads, shelters, schools and hospitals. Various planes, choppers, trucks and medical and military force also keep on arriving to help establish faster relief operations and peace and order. In spite of the many challenges and difficulties resurfacing in affected areas such as twisted, blocked roads, broken bridges, traffic surge, lack of communication, electricity, water and shelter, these have not hindered the morale of the people to continue helping.


There may have been several issues arising in the country now that remains to be unresolved, the lives sacrificed, the homes, livelihood and institutions destroyed may never be restored, but the Philippines will continue to survive, spring back from this desolation and start anew with a positive outlook in life, with spirits that will never be crashed by neither any storm nor any disaster.


  • AUD 2M through the deployment of Australian medical assistance team (AusMAT) AUD 1M through the Australian Federal Police disaster management specialists
  • AUD 13M through UN Flash Appeal AUD 13M through Australian NGOs
  • AUD 1M for non-food items (tarpaulins, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, water containers and health and hygiene kits to assist families affected by this disaster) AUD 390,000 worth of emergency supplies through the Red Cross and UNFP
  • Use of aircrafts and ships to support transport and logistical requirements of humanitarian activities


  • Belgian First Aid and Support Team (70 personnel)
  • Water treatment units
  • Relief goods


  • USD 100,000 (Php 4,300,000.00 )


  • CAD 5M (Php 208,881,000.00)
  • CAD 30,000 through the Red Cross (Php 1,253,694.00)
  • CAD 250,000 pledge by the Government of Saskatchewan Province, Canada (Php10,444,050.00)
  • CAD 100,000 pledge by the Government of Manitoba Province, Canada (Php4,177,620.00)


  • USD 100,000(Php4,300,00) financial assistance to the PH Government
  • USD 100,000 (Php4,300,00) through the Red Cross
  • RMB 10M (Php71,520,000.00) worth of emergency relief goods (blankets, tents, etc.) via charterered flight

Czech Republic

  • CZK 4M pledge for humanitarian assistance(Php 8,428,000.00)


  • DKK 10M through UNOCHA (Php 77,228,000.00 )

European Union

  • EUR 3M (Php176,787,000.00) for immediate humanitarian assistance, plus additional EUR 10M (Php588,811,000.oo) for reconstruction pledged for rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Team of Humanitarian Experts


  • EUR 1M (Php 58881100.00) through Finnish Red Cross to supply 9,500 vaccine and medical packages


  • One ton of medicine and other relief goods
  •  16 Social workers



  • EUR 1.5M (Php 88393500.00) approved for emergency humanitarian assistance via partner organizations – includes medical teams, rescue teams, relief goods, etc.


  • Mobile water purification plant with 6 technical personnel to operate the facility (capacity of 5000 liters per hour)
  • 20-person search and rescue team and 5 medics


  • 15 tonnes of relief goods


  • Three (3) C-130 aircrafts bringing relief goods (worth USD 1M) including a “naval asset”
  • USD 1M(Php43,000,000) handed to Jakarta PE


  • EUR 1.5(PHP86,430,000.00 )pledge for emergency funding


  • Two (2) 747 planes with 158 personnel with field medical facilities
  • Mobile desalination equipment, medical supplies, food


  • Relief goods (tents, blankets, water bottles and purifiers) valued of approximately €350,000; €300,000 in support of the WFP emergency food assistance plan; €350,000 contribution to the Red Cross (TOTAL: €1M)


  • Medical personnel (JICA), Japan Self-Defense Team to assist in humanitarian activities
  • Use of 15 aircrafts to assist in rescue and relief operations
  • USD 10M for emergency relief to be coursed through the UN
  • Emergency relief goods worth up to 60M Yen


  • Pledged USD 10M(Php430,000,000) worth of assistance; form of donation to be determined


  • EUR 400,000 (Php)23,048,000) allocated to Luxembourg’s humanitarian partners


  • Military medics, search and rescue team, blankets and medicine


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  • Adrian

    And don’t forget the Netherlands out governement donated 12 million euro’s that’s about 600 million PHP and the Dutch people raised another 30 million euro for the phil. I also miss the people donation from countries like the UK, France etc. Those amounts are much much higher then what the governements already donated

  • Caiser

    Thank you citizens of the world for helping your brother Filipinos, a citizen of the world..

  • Johann

    Just for the records. Norway have now given 205million norwegian kroner to support the philippines. Additionally Norway is one of the largest contributor to UN emergency food supply aid.

  • Alma

    Thank you to all others country donating and helping Filipino people to keep one another nation and save them to the disaster typhoon..

  • John esquivel

    thank you very much world. we will never forget you……God bless!!!!!!!

  • Jaira

    you forgot south korea though

  • Grace

    thank you all ..God bless 🙂

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