Virgin Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas

Have you ever wondered if there is a beach that is beautiful and picturesque, clean and quiet, yet not too far from Metro Manila? There is such a place. You can find it in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. It’s called Virgin Beach Resort.

Virgin Beach Resort sits by the shores of Laiya, facing east, adjacent to Sigayan Bay, one of the cleanest bays in the Philippines. The resort has more than a kilometer of pristine white sand beach. Its waters are pure, serene and crystal-clear. The majestic Mount Lobo serves as a tranquil backdrop to its beautiful beachfront area. If you are appreciative of such a place, then come and experience Virgin Beach Resort.


We are pleased to offer our guests a choice of comfortable beach front accommodations.

Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze in our open air bamboo cabanas. Cottage amenities include: electric fan, two queen-sized or one king-sized bed, en suite private toilet and bath and a spacious veranda with bamboo sofa.

Our stylish Casitas are air-conditioned. These come with 2 double beds, en suite private toilet and bath, and a spacious veranda with bamboo sofa.

Our canopied bamboo beds are located on the powdery beachfront. These may be enclosed with catcha curtains, and come provided with their own mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and blankets for overnight guests.

How To Get There

  1. From Manila, take the South Luzon Expressway all the way to Exit 50 and get on the National Highway towards Calamba, Laguna then to Santo Tomas, Batangas.
  2. Drive approximately 6.5 km until you see the Star Toll Way sign. Turn right to enter the toll way and drive towards Lipa ( approx. 20 km ) or continue along Star Toll Way. Take Ibaan exit and proceed to Rosario and continue along main road and this take you to San Juan.
  3. If you choose to take the Lipa Star Toll exit, from the exit turn right towards Lipa City.
  4. You will see La Salle University Lipa to your left. Shortly, you will see a McDonalds and a Y junction. take right side of Y which is C. M. Recto Street.
  5. Drive along C. M. Recto and turn right on street corner adjacent to Mercury Drug Store, this is P. Torres St. from here you may choose to pass through Padre Garcia. This is a short-cut which by passes Rosario town and it will take you to the National Highway towards San Juan but avoid passing here on Friday mornings.
  6. On reaching Rosario town, you will see a Mercury Drug Store along main road. Turn left on main road ( Gualberto Ave. ) and follow this road ( approx. 18 km ) until you reach San Juan town proper. Stay on main road.
  7. Turn right on the road adjacent to the San Juan Municipal Building and drive towards Laiya ( approx. 22 km ).
  8. Pass laiya Cocogrove, kabayan, and balakbakan area. Watch for Y road section and Virgin Beach Resort sign. Take the left side of the Y which leads to our main gate and inquire with Ms. Ollie Mallari and Bijay Oliva.



Entrance : Adult or Child
Inclusive of Entrance Fee, Corkage and Dining Parasol(Capacity of 12) 400.00 Php
(December 15 – June 30) (July 1 – December 14)
Overnight 3 Days /2 Nights Overnight 3 Days /2 Nights
Weekend Weekend Weekend  Weekend
(Mon-Thu) (Fri-Sun) (Mon-Thu) (Fri-Sun)
Bamboo Cabana 5,000.00Php 5,500.00Php 9,800.00Php 4,400.00Php 4,900.00Php 7,600.00Php
Capacity of 6 persons with 2 queen size beds or 1 king size bed
Air-con Casitas 7,350.00Php 8,100.00Php 14,650.00Php 6,600.00Php 7,350.00Php 12,200.00Php
Capacity of 4 persons with 2 queen size beds Maximum of 6
Extra Person – P600.00/pax in excess of 4 pax
Bed Parasols 2,950.00Php 3,400.00Php 5,500.00Php 2,700.00Php 2,950.00Php 4,500.00Php
Capacity of 3 persons Maximum of 5
Extra Person –P 550.00/pax in excess of 3 pax
Adults 1,400.00Php
Kids: (soup, 2 main courses with pasta or rice, dessert) 700.00Php
Drivers & Nannies: 650.00Php
Corporate Outing Adults Kids
Corporate Overnight Meal package (with am & pm snack andfree flowing coffee, iced tea or juice during meal hours) 1,725.00Php 1,025.00Php
Corporate Day Tour Meal package (with lunch, am & pm snack and free flowing coffee, iced tea or juice during meal hours) 1,250.00Php 850.00Php
Day Tour Package
Adults (Inclusive of Lunch) 850.00Php/day
Kids (2-10 years old) Inclusive of Lunch 525.00Php/day
Should you arrive after 1:30 pm (exclusive of lunch):
Adults 400.00Php/day
Kids (2-10 years old) 200.00Php/day
Other Facilities may be Rented:
Bed Parasol (with mattress and curtains)
Capacity of 3 pax – Maximum of 5 P 1,650.00/day
Extra Person charge in excess of 3 pax but no more than 5 pax – 130.00Php
Dining Parasol
Capacity of 12 pax – Maximum of 15 1,350.00Php/day
Extra Person charge in excess of 12 pax but no more than 15 pax – 120.00Php
Entrance : Adult or Child 250.00Php
Includes Corkage, Dining Parasol-Capacity of 12 pax – Max of 15
Extra Person – P120.00
Bed Parasol (with mattress and curtains)
Capacity of 3 pax – Maximum of 5 1,650.00Php/day
Extra Person – 130.00Php
Electricity Fee (for appliances) 100.00Php/non-cooking
Parking Fee 60.00Php/car



Amenities & Services:

  • Day Tour
  • Wedding Packages
  • Boat Trip
  • Kayaking
  • Jetskiing
  • Banana Boat Riding
  • Hobbie Cat Sailing
  • Mountain Trekking

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    Hi just want to know how much is the entrance fee for adult and child.and please let me know if we can bring food and cook there..i need the info asap coz im going back in phil soon..thanks

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    Hi… Kindly send me your day tour rates for 10pax and your cottages rates. Let me know also if we are allowed to bring foods or just cooked there.


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    Hi… can you send me your day tour rates for 10pax and your cottages rates. Let me know also if we are allowed to bring foods or just cooked there.


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    thanks and i need your response as soon as possible.

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