Waniban island,Mati

Waniban island,Mati

If you have always fancied a getaway to a secluded paradise island but just do not know where to find such a place, then the Waniban Island is what you are looking for. This small and simple island holds so much potential to help boost the tourism industry of Mati. Tourists who have had the opportunity to spend time in Waniban know the kind of wonders this place has to offer. Amidst these, the island remains undeveloped adding to the natural wonder it has to offer. Here, you will see and experience first-hand what it feels like to actually be surrounded with nothing but sheer beauty. Gone are the busy streets and noise of the city life. In place are crystal clear water, strong thriving underwater ecosystem, superb coral formation, stunning white sand and the best lifetime experience you will ever have. The place is perfect for group visits especially that the lone means of transportation is through boats that cost P1,000 – P2,000 and could accommodate a maximum of 15 people.



Boat Transportation (max 15)                        –                      1,000.00 – 2,000.00 Php



  • Cottages
  • sight refreshing mangrove trees
  • oozing blue waters
  • white sand


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