Why Davao is Called the Eco Adventure Capital of the Philippines?

What truly makes Davao more interesting aside from its marvellous tourist destinations is how it has managed to preserve the natural gifts of nature, not just allowing its guests to experience the real value of Philippines’ rich and scenic ecosystem but also teaching people how to take good care of it and safe-guard it by not contributing to its destruction.

Here are just some of the top reasons why Davao is deemed as the Eco Adventure Capital of the country.

Ride with the Rapids (White Water Rafting)White Water Rafting (1)

While there may be several adventure activities offered in the Philippines, White Water Rafting, with a location that is just approximately about 45 minutes ride to the West region of Davao City, is perhaps one of the must-try, heart-stopping activities that will allow you to experience the beauty of Davao River at its finest. The activity commences at the crags of the picturesque mountains that mounted above Davao then to the subtle stretch of water from where you will be trained how to float in the river then allowing you to enjoy and experience the strong surge of fresh river water streaming over rapids, permitting you to truly enjoy the white water rafting adventure with your friends and loved ones

Wildlife Experience at Crocodile Park

Davao Crocodile Park (26)

Delve into the wonderful wildlife experience at Davao Crocodile Park, an institution which displays modern crocodile farming scheme in the Philippines, situated at the Riverfront, Corporate City Diversion Highway of Ma-a, Davao City. Davao Crocodile Park has the most up-to-date crocodile farm, equipped with new amenities. It also shelters diverse species of rare fauna such as crocodiles, bearcats, raptors, snakes, monkeys, birds and whole lot more, making it as one of the top tourist attractions in Davao. The crocodile park was mainly built for the purpose of boosting tourism, for public viewing and entertainment, to be a venue for educational tours and to promote public awareness in the conservation of crocodiles and other wildlife.

Explore the Unspoilt Beaches of Talicud Island


Nothing is more beautiful than exploring an Island that is untouched and naturally-breathtaking. Talicud Island can be reached thru a 45min-1hr chartered boat trip from Sta. Ana Wharf to Talicud which is just lying beside Magsaysay Park. Incontestably, Talicud Island is strongly considered as one of the premier beach destinations to experience in the Philippines especially during the summer season when you can truly enjoy the sun-kissed climate, the sparkling turquoise waters and the tranquil place of solitude that is conducive for relaxation.

Meet the King of the Philippine Sky (Philippine Eagle)

Meet and greet personally the Philippine Eagle in the Philippine Eagle Centre, which is regarded as the king of the Philippine Sky. The Philippine Eagle Centre is around an hour trip from the heart of the city and can be accessed either thru public or private transport. The centre is a sanctuary to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of them were bred after they were captured. The centre also houses other faunas such as birds, mammals and reptiles in order to somehow attain a close-to-reality tropical rain forest ecosystem. Such showcases of diverse fauna were initially founded to somehow teach Filipinos as to how to help conserve the environment and in turn also transform the centre as a premier tourist spot in Davao City.

Experience Eden Mountain Resort

Eden Nature Park and Resort is among the well-loved tourist attractions in Davao City by foreign and local tourists alike dueto its natural atmosphere and relaxing ambience. Dotted at the base of Mt. Talomo’s Toril District, Eden Resort encompasses 80 hectares of land, teeming with full-grown pine trees and other forest trees which house several bird species, freely living on its branches.

Not known to a lot of people, Eden Nature Park is a resort which was artificially developed. At present, Eden has transformed into a first-class resort which provides personalized tours and services to its guests. Its up-to-date amenities offered comprise of several room accommodations with non-smoking areas, entirely decorated with cable televisions, shower rooms and a writing desk. Also, among its other featured facilities are its souvenir shop, restaurant and mini bars. Apart from that, Eden also offers recreation facilities such as a swimming pool, flower gardens, fishing area, butterfly sanctuary and a whole lot more.

Climb the Philippine’s Highest Mountain

To climb the highest mountain in the Philippines is perhaps one of the best achievements that you can truly be proud of when you explore Davao. Soaring at 9,692 feet above sea altitude, Mt. Apo is the chief of all mountains in the Philippines. Being the tallest means trekking it entails a great amount of determination and hard work but rest assured you’ll be rewarded by the captivating sceneries of the lush forest and the stunning sky upon reaching its peak.

Taste the Famous Durian and Other Local Fruits

Since Davao is dubbed as the “durian republic” of the country, you can never say you’ve completed your experience in Davao if you have not yet tasted the famous Durian. It may smell like hell but it surely tastes like heaven. Durian comes in unique sizes and is well-recognized for its foul smell and hard shell with sharp thorns. The famous durian also has several varieties such that of the native one which is sold at around 25-65 Pesos per kilo. Other varieties sold include “Channe”, “Basketball”, “Puyat”, “Cob”, “Arancillo” and the list goes on.

Aside from Durian, Davao is also renowned for other fruits such as mangosteens and pomelos which definitely worth-trying.

Visit People’s Park

You should never leave Davao without visiting the city’s public park which is situated in the heart of Davao City. The park is encompassed with rich flora and trees, with beyond 1,000 species of plants originating from continents such as Australia, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa, covering around 4 hectares of land area. The park is also popular because of Kublai Millan’s out-of-the-ordinary sculptures of native people. The park’s visitor centres is ispired by durians and has a huge assortment of varied kinds of bamboos. People’s has been even recognized as among the most unspoilt and lush green public parks in the Philippines.

Spend a Relaxing Day at Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort

Another must-visit resort in Davao is Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort. Lolengs is mounted 3000 feet above sea level, is man-made just like that of Eden and is beautifully-created to help prevent the complete destruction of nature. Through the years, thousands of pine trees were cultivated and in the long run, other trees also grew, resulting to the creation of a secondary forest. As of the present, there are more than a hundred thousand pine trees nestled in the entire 80 hectares of the resort, offering relaxing scenery to the wide range of tourist attractions in the resort. Thus it is no longer surprising why Lolengs is among the preferred tourist destinations in Davao owing to its cool weather, comfortable accommodation and well-to-do sports amenities, chapel, free-flowing spring water pool and a playground for the kids.

Dive at Davao Gulf

Why spend more on hard-to-reach diving destinations in the country when you can have your ultimate diving experience in a place as pristine and as picturesque as Samal Island? Samal has more activities to offer apart from the simple island-hopping experience, and Scuba Diving is just one of them. Samal’s featured water-sports activities has long ventured into scuba diving activities which intends to feature Samal’s picturesque sub aqua haven and ecosystem which is as beautiful to that of the famous, too commercialized diving destination in the country.

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