9 Must-visit Tourist Spots in Sagada

Sagada, amidst all it simplicity and remoteness, has enthralled so many visitors with its rich history and culture, unbelievable scenery and insurmountable mystery. The places to visit and the activities to do in this world renowned town in Mountain Province is countless, but here are the top ten most frequented tourist destinations.

Bomod-ok Falls

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This 200 meters waterfall has been drawing tourists for many years now. Going to this place is an adventure itself as you need to go on a slightly challenging one hour hike towards the falls. But the hike experience in itself is very rewarding as it allows you to explore the hinterlands of Sagada first-hand. And of course, to cap the long walk is a scenic view of Bomod-ok and its cool waters away from tourists and civilization.

Hanging CoffinsSagada Tour (4)

There are two reasons that make this place very special. First is the way the coffins were arranged and placed, nailed to hang at the sides of cliffs. Performed until now, this kind of burial practice believed to have already been around before the coming of the Spanish has many causal interpretations. Some say that hanging coffins bring the dead closer to the heavens or it prevents the corpse from rotting faster. No matter what the reason is one thing is certain. The place deserves to be on top of your must-visit priorities in Sagada.

Sumaguing Cave SAgada CAving-2756

Spelunking is a famous recreation you can enjoy in Sagada because of its caves. Among the popular caves in this town is the Sumaguing Cave which is also known as the Big Cave. Although it is huge and has many routes and cave systems, it can get a little bit crowded inside because its gets many visitors who are dying to see its jaw dropping rock formation.

Sagada Rice Terraces

The town of Sagada has also its own version of its rice terraces. Although quite similar in structure with the Ifugao’s Banaue rice terraces, it is quite smaller and is made up of rocks instead of soil. But the view of this man-made necessity is as equally enthralling and worthy of a day’s visit.

Lumiang Caves

SAgada CAving-2658

Another famous cave in Sagada is Lumiang which can be explored separately or jointly with Sumaguing. What makes this cave so interesting is its mysterious history of being used as a burial site. So, do not get all jumpy when you explore this cave and see human bone remains and coffins. The cave has its own natural pool, too!

Calvary HillSagada Tour (3)

Another chillingly wonderful Sagada destination is the Calvary Hill. It is chilly because it is another burial site in the town, but it is equally as wonderful because of the majestic view that the place offers. Imagine white tombstones scattered on a mountain slope which is towered by gigantic pine trees complemented by the sound of nothing but the wind and the chirp of the birds.

Sagada WeavingSagada Tour (5)

To bring something with you to remind yourself of the rich and vibrant history and culture of Sagada, do not miss visiting Sagada Weaving where you can get authentic Sagada woven slippers, shoes, bags and other souvenir items.

Kiltepan PeakSagada Tour (6)

Nothing beats a breathtaking view of the sun rising from the east especially if you are doing so when you are at Kiltepan Peak. The image is just breathtaking – the sun’s light slowly creeping and enveloping the mountain ranges of the Cordillera. When the fog and haze dissipate, you get to see a breathtaking view of the rice paddies of Antadao, Tetep-an and Kilong.

Lake Danum

If Sagada has a place to recommend to best view sunrise, it also has a place where sunset can also be best enjoyed. Situated four kilometers away the heart of the town, this body of water is a small lake (danum is Kankana-ey for small lake) surrounded by pines. It has its own camp site which is some steps away from where you can enjoy the sunset.


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