Authentic Pinoy Food: Adobong Saang / Spider Shells

Authentic Pinoy Food: Adobong Saang / Spider Shells

Aside from the fine white sand, Dako Island also boasts a certain delicacy that is not commonly found elsewhere. What I am talking about here is the Adobong Saang, an authentic Pinoy delicacy.

Adobong Saang


Saang or spider shells with scientific name Lambis scorpius is a delicacy that provides great source of protein. People living on the seaside of Cebu, Bohol and Surigao usually offer such delicacy. When we visited Dako Island, the local residents offered us their famous gourmet, the Adobong Saang. The local resident that offered us the said delicacy showed us that the main ingredient, Saang, is from a fresh catch.


Fresh Saang

 The Adobong Saang is cooked with or without the shells and in a way you would usually cook adobo foods. Is it safe? Again, I’ll say it – yes, it is safe. As I said earlier, the Saangs are picked meticulously from the day’s fresh catch.

If eating Saang isn’t the kind of dish you would like to indulge, there are also other sea foods Dako Island residents will offer you. Seafood delicacies vary in here and as I always say they are fresh and safe. You can even request from the locals on how you would like your seafood be cooked.

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