Dako Island: One of the Best Beaches in the Philippines

One of the three islands we visited during our Island Hopping in Gen. Luna, Siargao was the Dako or Daku Island. The name of the island was derived from the Visayan name for “Big”. The island was named so because it is the biggest among the three island destinations (Naked, Dako and Guyam) for the island hopping.


Panoramic view of Dako Island


Dako Island, for me is one of  the best beach there in Mindanao. I have already posted lots of pictures and stories about Mindanao’s finest beaches, but this island in Siargao is one that is really worth the applause and great admiration.


Its powdery white sand is almost or even more beautiful than that of Boracay – that is minus the crowd! Its crystal clear turquoise waters is just so tempting that even non-swimmers would be tempted to dip into. The seclusion of the place, whereby only few people are currently living is something that you have always been dreaming for a vacation – simply tranquil. The winds in the island are pretty cool as well because they are those that come from the Pacific Ocean, so you expect that to be quite strong and gentle. Dako Island, aside from its picturesque sceneries, can also brag its sweet-tasting coconut – the best ones ever!Dako Island Store

How to Go to Gen. Luna Siargao

For travelers who will be coming from Davao City, a bus ride en route to Surigao City will be the first leg to go to Siargao. The bus ride usually takes nine hours. After arriving in Surigao City, you will have board on a fast craft for another two to three hours of travel to Dapa port and then another 30 minutes towards your jump-off point for island hopping.

ME at Dako Island

For an easier ride though, there are flights going to Siargao. You can take the Cebu-Siargao flight via Cebu Pacific. Regularly check their website for the availability of the flights and the prices as well.

Locals playing volleyball in dako Island

Locals Playing Volleyball

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  • Evelyn smith

    I would like to know if how far the hotel from the beach. thanks

  • Benjamin cuadra

    A nice place in mindanao area. I like the place even i saw it in posted picture. I spare my time in going their someday.

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