Top 10 Best Beaches in Mindanao

When it comes to beaches, Philippines never run out of it! Occupying the second largest chunk in the Philippine Archipelago, Mindanao is a beach haven itself wherein most of its fine beaches are untouched by commercialism. If you are seeking for a beach getaway in cloistered areas or simply exploring the richness of Mindanao, here’s a rundown of its Ten Best Beaches to guide you through your quest:

Dako Island in Siargao, Surigao del Norte

Dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao has been the host to numerous surfing contests enticing in both local and foreign surfers. Aside from its famous waves, Siargao is as well a haven for white sandy beaches, numerous islets, abundant marine life, mangroves and caves. Of the many islands found in Siargao, Dako is the largest (Dako is the Visayan term for large). Unlike the Naked Island, Dako Island grows coconut trees and some cottages so island hoppers can really enjoy its pure white sand and clear blue waters. More Photos here: Dako Island: One of the Best Beaches in the Philippines

Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City, ZaNorte

A diving mecca found in Northern Zamboanga in Mindanao, Dakak Park and Beach Resort offers visitors and diving enthusiasts with not only copious coral reefs with thriving tropical marine life, but also a sanctuary of native plants and animals. The sprawling 15 hectares of wooded land makes it an ideal getaway because of its well-preserved white sandy beach with a nearly perfect season as it is well-surrounded with large islands shielding it from typhoons. More Photos here: Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan, ZaNorte

Samal Island, Davao del Norte

It’s a sure thing that when people visit Davao, they’ll definitely include island hopping in Samal as their itinerary. Samal Island has become a highly visited place in Mindanao as it offers spectators with what beach bums would love to see – White Sandy Beach! Isla Reta, an island found in Talicud, IGACOS is rather a quiet retreat where one can purely have just fun and relaxation. Its crystal clear turquoise waters are like mirrors that show reflection of the sanctuary below while the white sand shores gives you the comfort to simply sit and relax and appreciate the nature presented before you.

Sta.Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

White sand beaches are pretty much common, right? But a pink sand beach is.. unique and boldly beautiful! The Great and Little Sta. Cruz Islands are simply amazing not only because it is as well a diving mecca in the Zamboanga strip, but also because of its unique pinkish powdery sand. Actually, the sand is naturally white but red Organ-pipe Corals break down mixing its pulverized form with the beaches’ white sand, hence the sand’s pink characteristic.   More Photos here : Sta. Cruz: The Pink Island in West Mindanao



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  • Anenz

    Stan Cruz Island ( Pink Island ) Zamboanga City

  • Anenz

    Try visit SELINOG ISLAND in Dapitan City



  • uly

    Samal island is so disappointing too costly and the beach is full of mud and rocks.

  • Chiony

    How about Gumasa in Glan Sarangani Province

  • Boying

    White beach Cagwait, Surigao del sur,
    ive been there many times the most beautiful beach i’ve ever seen.

    • Jasmin prologo

      Can I locate it in Google map

  • Rosalie dunn

    I am from mindanao who fondly spend our spare time and money seeking beautiful beach around areas without fear of being expose to possible danger and so on…i feel that we lack the ability to market and explore the imagination of people or tourists be that domestic or foreign shores in so many ways possible ..out there especially coming from the government department!!

  • Alberto Rendon

    Good website. I cannot wait for the the other beaches like London beach in Gensan and many more in this city.

  • Vincent

    a lot of people from luzon dont have any idea about the beauty of mindanao, they thought Philippines only comprises of Luzon and Metro Manila.hahaha i pity these people . expand your horizon and travel vismin , you will realize the beauty of our country . cheers !!!

  • Clayton chiong

    You should visit 1 Bitoon beach Baliangao Misamis Occidental n 2 Aliguay beach Dapitan Zamboanga del Norte n include it n yur Best beaches Mindanao

  • Rynee Evangelista

    try to visit LEMLUNAY.. IN SARANGANI..

  • Jane

    I hope I can visit all beautiful places here in the Philippines. But, happy naman ako dahil marami na naman akung mga napuntahan dito…… Hepeeey!!!1

  • Jane

    I hope I can visit all beautiful place here in Philippines. But, happy naman ako dahil marami na naman akung mga napuntahan dito…… Hepeeey!!!1

  • Alextaire villanueva

    very grandiose

  • Laurel

    Wow…lucky me I’ve been to some beaches featured and I so liked it…a must visit places if you liked peaceful and unwinding scenic beauty away from so much crowded beaches, sure you have a restful weekend gateaway!!! =)

  • Maridee tabotabo

    check out summerfrolic in dahican mati davao oriental this coming March 4-5, 2014. :)- I mean april 4-5.. sorry guys.. 🙁

  • Maridee tabotabo

    check out summerfrolic in dahican mati davao oriental this coming March 4-5, 2014. 🙂

  • Bernard Supetran

    Quezon Beach in Patikul, Sulu is also noteworthy, plus the beaches in Bongao, Tawi Tawi

  • Hanan Adam

    Amazing place

  • Leni

    Wow! I wish there were travel agencies that I could contact to arrange trips going to these places. My husband and I would love to visit them!

  • Allvin

    truely proud to be a mindanaon. hehehe

  • Roxanne

    Samal island in Davao is the best tourist destination this summer. There are lot of beautiful resorts, stunning white sand beaches and very nice people.

  • Apostolos

    they are so nice the beaches,but….who is the foreigner who would like to go to basilan???i have to inform the people who maybe dont know,that the situation in mindanao and sulu area is very very dangerous for tourists….

  • Admin

    @tresha Anne

    Yes po marami, especially during weekends and holidays. Konti lang din rooms nila so I would suggest to book 2-3 weeks before.

  • Tresha anne

    marami kaya ang bumibisita sa isla reta?

  • Ina-Tay

    I have recently discovered the beauty of Gumasa a year after working in GenSan. 🙂 The sand quality is similar to that of Boracay minus the crowd. Looking forward to going back there this Holy Week. Thanks for this list!

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