Mati City Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

It is no longer a secret that majority of the most beautiful places to explore in the Philippines are situated in the farther reaches of the country. And one of the several untainted tourism jewels that are yet to be recognized are those nestled in Mati City. Undeniably Mati is a great mixture of natural wonders, featuring several well-preserved white-sand beaches and a premier location for a lot of water sports activities such as skim-boarding, surfing, diving and snorkelling.


Dahican BeachDahican Beach Resort (6)

The moment you lay your eyes on Dahican, it will truly capture your heart. Dahican is a long extensive sandy beach surrounded by tall coconut trees, clear waters and strong waves that are ideal for surfing.

How to get there:
Upon arriving in Mati Bus Terminal from Davao City, you can take a tricycle or single motorcycle to bring you to the famous surfing beach of Dahican. Fare ranges from 40-60 pesos so it’s up to you to haggle with the driver. Travel time from the terminal/town proper to Dahican is around 20 minutes.

Subangan MuseumMati Tourist Spots (2)

Take a more in-depth look in what lies in the heart and history of Mati thru Subangan Museum. Subangan Museum showcases a great mixture of rich cultural and natural heritage thru its displays, exuding a perfect personification of Mati, Davao Oriental. Furthermore, Subangan serves as a living legacy of the development and transformation of Mati’s people thru time, featuring a showcase of diverse achievements and culture souvenirs.

The Subangan Davao Oriental Provincial Museum can be found at the Tourism Complex, City of Mati, Davao Oriental. For more convenience you may contact Ms. Lyrna Padohinog or Ms. Amy Ponce at mobile numbers 0998-977-2935 or 0926-836-2345; email at; and visit its website at

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Blue Bless Beach Resort

Blue Bless Beach Resort is one of the popular beaches located in Mati City. It is specifically situated at Sitio Pitugo, Barangay Bobon, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines. Blue Bless offers cost-friendly accommodations and a clean and cosy sanctuary for its clients. So if you are seeking for a thrilling and unforgettable get away, choose to stay in Blue Bless Beach Resort.

How to get there:
Blue Bless is just approximately 12 km away from the heart of Mati’s town. You can rent a tricycle, single motorcycle or a multi-cab to get to the resort. Blue Bless is positioned at Sitioo Pitugo, Baranggay Bobon, Mati City. To reserve rooms ahead of time or to be guided better on your way to the resort, you may contact the front desk officer @ Mobile No. (+63)909-3696166 and Blue Bless staff’s will be more than willing to pick you up at the bus terminal.

Cingco Masao Beach Resort


Masau beach is nestled at the eastern part of Mati, Davao Oriental. It is around 18 km from Mati Poblacion specifically dotted at Sitio Dita, Barangay Bobon. Masao is overlooking Pujada Bay and is safe-guarded w/ railings to add more beauty to its ambiance. The beach’s water is simply calm and clear and is without a doubt ideal for summer getaways and family gatherings. Indeed Masao is a fascinating destination to relax and just have fun with your loved ones.
How to get there:

From the bust terminal, you can hire or rent a tricycle, a single motorcycle or a multi cab going to Cinco Masao Beach Resort. Travel time is about 45 minutes, and roads may be a bit rough and dusty.
Address: Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao, Mati Davao Oriental
Contact #: 09282824304 / 09187560571


Sleeping DinosaurSleeping Dinosaur Mati

Before heading straight to Mati’s heart of the town, you may drop by at the famous Sleeping Dinosaur and take souvenir photos of it as your background.

How to get there:
Ride a bus bound for Mati, Davao Oriental from Davao City’s Ecoland Terminal since it will pass by Badas Point in Baranggay Dawan. Inform the bus attendant or conductor to drop you off at the sleeping dinosaur. Bus far is about 250 pesos and travel times takes about 3.5-4 hours.

Pujada Island

Photo by Jojie Alcantara

Pujada Island is one of the must-see attractions in Mati City due to its unspoilt and undeveloped environment with no resorts, bungalows or any kind of refuge built for its visitors. The instance you set foot to the island you will only be welcomed by a pure 156-hectare island that is endowed with nature’s rich flora, quietude and white sand beaches.
Pujada is shared by Baranggays of Lawigan and Macambol and is inhabited by locals whose assignment is to preserve and protect the island from all sorts of exploitations and intruders.

How to get there:
You can get to Pujada Island by hiring a motorized boat or banka from the coasts of Baranggay Bobon. Baranggay Bobon can be reached thru an hour ride from the heart of Mati City or rent a boat from Blue Bless or Cinco Masao Resort.

Waniban Islandwaniban

Waniban Island is just thirty minutes away from Pujada Island and is one of the beautiful islands to experience in Mati with its powdery white sand and clear blue and turquoise waters. Unlike Pujada, Waniban is just a little island but with huts where visitors can shelter and stay. Sadly, there are no food stores dotted in the island so before you decide to explore Waniban you have to prepare and bring your own food instead.

How to get there:
The Island is around 20-30 kms from Mati’s town proper and just a 30-40 minute boat ride from Mati’s Wharf. You may also choose to ride a motorized banka from the Cinco Masao Beach Resort in Mati. Travel time will only take for about 15-20 minutes. Lastly, from Mati City’s downtown you can hire a single motorcycle or habal habal heading to Taganilao. Upon arriving in Taganilao you may look for Mang Bong Linsag who is the caretaker of Waniban Island, he can arrange out-rigger boat transfers from Taganilao to Waniban.

Oak IslandOAk Island Mati

Oak Island or Vanishing Island for some is among the three islands to be found within Pujada Bay in Mati. It is composed chiefly of a sand bar that can only be seen during low tide and vanishes during high tide. It is located few meters away from Pujada Island. Oak Island’s clear blue waters and captivating underwater haven of aquatic wildlife and corals make the island one of the finest snorkelling destinations in Davao Oriental.

How to get there:

Oak Island belongs to Baranggay Lawigan and can be conveniently reached through hiring a motor boat from Masao Beach Resort. 

How to get there:

If you come from Manila or Cebu, the most convenient way to reach Mati is via plane to Davao City. There are several low-cost airlines that can offer you cheap flights to Davao such as Pal Express, Cebu Pacific or Airasia. Upon arrival at the airport you can just walk your way towards the highway and wait for buses that are bound for Mati. Buses usually leave every hour from 3am-8pm. Travel time from Davao to Mati usually takes about 3-5 hours depending on the traffic condition. Another option that you may take from the airports is by riding a taxi going to Victoria Plaza or GMALL. There are several vans that are positioned in those respective malls that are Mati bound and are considered to be a lot faster compared to buses. From Mati City Bus Terminal you may ride a single motorcycle or hire a tricycle to take you to your chosen destination in Mati.
Here is a list of some of the tourist spots which you might want to visit and explore.


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