Island Hopping in Gen. Luna, Siargao [UPDATED 2019]

Usually, when we speak of Siargao we mean waves – the mighty waves that attract lots of local and foreign surfers from all over the world to come and visit the tear-drop shaped island.
Siargao, being touted as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, is not only about big waves and surfing. There are actually a whole lot of adventures you can enjoy in the island, especially those who are not really a fan of surfing.

Gen. Luna Boulevard

Gen. Luna Boulevard

Gen. Luna Public Market

Gen. Luna Public Market

One of the popular activities in Siargao is island hopping. If you ask, is it safe? Yes it is. Exploring the best three islands of Siargao is nothing to be feared because the waters are still and of course, it is safe. Take it from me, I experienced it myself.

The islands we are talking here are Naked, Dako and Guyam Islands.

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Naked Island

Naked Island Center

Our island hopping adventure kicked off on our first destination – the Naked Island. The island is only 25 minutes ride away from our jump-off point. Actually, this island has similarity with the White Island in Camiguin wherein you will see nothing but a bar of white sand. Here in Naked Island though, you can see small patches of grasses thriving in the area.

upload 1

Just like the White Island, the Naked Island will decrease its size when the tide is high. It will be your island of choice if you wish to have your skin tanned.

I travel Ph in Naked Island

Me at Naked Island

Dako Island

Dako Island Shore

Now this island here is by far the best white sand beach I have ever been to in Mindanao! The Dako Island’s name is in significance with the island’s size because it is the largest island among the three.


Why I’m saying that is by far the best beach in Mindanao? Well, let me state the reasons: I find its white sand to be very fine; adding up to its beauty is its serenity because the area is secluded; it is as well abounded with lots of coconut trees which according to many has the sweetest taste; and of course, the surrounding crystal clear waters of the island creates a perfect reflection of the sky’s hue. More description? Nah, just see the pics of the island here.


Guyam Islandguyam copy

Our last destination is the Guyam Island. Unlike the first two islands we visited, it is rocky (coral rocks of different forms, sizes and shapes) and full of craters. The island’s size is as big as four basketball fields formed together. Aside from rocks, trees also populate the island with one small cottage in its middle.yam copy

Tip: If you wish to go for island hopping, it is advisable to rent an outside banca or boat because it is cheaper as compared to the rates offered by the resorts. When we did our island hopping there, we only paid Php 1,500 for the boat which can accommodate a maximum of ten persons.

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  • It’s more fun in Mindanao!

    I want to go there.. I’ll add this to my bucket-list.. thanks for the tip 🙂

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